What is wrong with this?

I have a regular pax who I pick up twice a week at her work and drop her off home for the past 3 months now. Same thing we do is I pick her up at work and she pings me while in my car well this afternoon it didn’t work, some random person 6 miles away so she cancels it so I have her try it again 3 more times we’ll same person. Her morning regular driver does the same thing except he picks her up at home and drop her off work 5 days a week. What’s wrong here??? Can anyone answer this. All of a sudden tho :thinking::thinking::thinking:

what I do to get the request is put my destination filter on with the address they are going to. that will guarantee u getting that ride on the spot

Serious because she could pay you $10 more than you’re making from Uber and will still pay probably $10 less than going through uber

Big no no. Accident under these conditions could ruin your life forever. People who do this or argue it’s ok are wrong. Period.

It’s a safety feature lyft has, they won’t let same pax and driver pair if they notice they’ve paired a lot

I’ve seen other drivers talk about getting the same passenger on a daily basis. It doesn’t make sense for them to stop them from being paired unless one of them gave the other a 3-star or less.

Have her download UZURV
Download UZURV & make advanced reservations with the Uber or Lyft driver of your choicehttps://uzurv.app.link/leiJXZ9IrM

why wouldn’t it work? I have just signed up myself, so I cannot attest to it working but the way it was explained to me, if I use it as a passenger, I can request the driver I want if he accepts the request. Have you had a different experience?

Uber was testing you. It is against their rules and can deactivate you for it. I use to do the same. Except her cash or get Venmo

Not really, and if the insurance company finds out, it’s insurance fraud… I have a friend in the industry and they are cracking down on it…not worth the ridk

and if Uber and Lyft find out you’re deactivated.

You could get basic commercial insurance and be covered but it’s expensive

Uber watches for stuff like that. Read the terms it’s in there, not supposed to do it lol. But we all do.

Sometimes if the driver’s and rider’s phones are too close together (less than a few feet) it won’t pair you. Have the pax request the ride while standing outside of your car and you should get the request.

She has to stand about 50ft from your car then ping you sometimes uber thinks it a fake ping this happened to me I ask them about it and that’s what they told me

Use Lyft, I’ve been doing it for a year now with one passenger. Uber won’t work because they give the ride to the closest driver who has been waiting the longest.