What is Uber Express Pool?

Hi guys, can somebody please tell me what uber express pool is?

Express POOL is a ripoff for drivers. I refuse to accept uberPOOL requests because POOL riders are ignorant douche bags who love to give low ratings and never tip. And I will never accept Express POOL. I thought uber could not find a way to make POOL worse, but they did. Uber’s next new service will be Circle Nothing. Drivers will have to drive in a circle all day for no money. A few suckers will do it. Uber will con them with the promises of bonuses then screw them with the fine print.

It’s really cheap I checked yesterday from my house to downtown San Diego, it was x 37$ pool 24$ and pool express 13$. Would have to walk a couple of blocks but I can see why people would take it. All I can think is that UBER is just trying to hook more people on rideshare and then discontinue it at a later date.

Basically instead of picking someone up at the actual request spot. They walk to the nearest Main Street corner, like wise. When you drop them off. It’s on the road instead of their actual drop off location.

Just like Uber Pool but easier for drivers…Your pickup spot is an easily car-accessible point like street corner the rider must walk to, unlike trying to find an apt in the apt complex.

I do believe it is where you pick up multiple riders at one location and drop them all at one location.

Uber pool Express is awful! None of the riders are ever where they are supposed to be and get so mad and rate you a 1 when you drop them off where they have to walk the rest of the way. They also have the nerve to ask you to drive all the way to their location & never tip. I don’t do them any favors- no. How do we get rid of uber pool express?

If the passenger uses Uber express and when I go to drop them off at the drop off point they want to be dropped off elsewhere can I deny it or have them change drop off point?

@hassan 90% of time drop off at UBER designated location. The only time I ever really make an exception is when it directs me to drop off a female at a dark intersection in the middle of the night. That’s not gonna happen when I am the driver. I will eat the minute and less than a quarter of a mile to make sure she is safe. And 9 times out of 10, I initiated that change.

For those cities that have Express Pool.

It’s a couple buck cheaper for the pax to take this but it’s basically the same thing as a pool. We are still picking them up and dropping them off at their destination.

So in this case… Instead of pulling into the business complex the pax was going to… I’ll be like… sorry I’m stopping right here and you can walk the rest.

Oh and another thing… Most pickups for Express POOLS are at INERSECTIONS!.. I had one today where I couldn’t stop at that BUSY INTERSECTION… Had to go around etc… taking another 5 min. It can be a mess, especially in busy cities. For Express Pool… pax should have 30 seconds to jump in the car, not the 2 min.

We don’t have Express Pool here In Phoenix, so my question is - do you get paid less for pool or Express pool or is it the same rates as X? If it’s the same rate as X, wouldn’t uber be making less money lol?

The problem with Express POOL is there is a good chance that the rider gave you a low rating for not dropping him or her off at the exact destination. If uberPOOL riders are unhappy with the app, the navigation and the other rider they take it out on the driver with a low rating. In what universe is that fair? Drivers frequently have to explain and enforce the POOL rules. I refuse to accept all POOL requests. Those riders are ignorant douche bags who love to give low ratings and never tip. I also loath riders in the front seat. I do not allow it unless it is a party of three or four. POOL rides are also potentially unsafe. Drivers pass a background check. Riders do not. The back of my car is not spacious enough for two strangers to share. Riders who are desperate to save money and don’t mind sitting next to strangers can take the bus. Uber drivers cannot compete with the bus because public transportation is subsidized. Uber’s next wonderful new service will be called Circle Nothing. Drivers will be expected to drive in a big circle all day for no money. They will con a few drivers with promises of bonuses then screw them with the fine print.

I totally agree. When you pull up if they’re not there keep it moving that 2 min is a death trap. I had 1 today while it was an intersection it wasn’t busy. I sat on the corner in the neighborhood a neighbor came out and was watching me until the woman finally got in my car. She used the entire 2 min. Thank God he didn’t call the police on me.