What is this new thing when passengers get into your vehicle and they cancel the ride and then tell you to go to address in the GPS just to take them there?

Yesterday I had a passenger cancel as soon as they got into the vehicle and told me just to followed the GPS now I know we can notify uber and lyft as though we ended the trip early but this couple did it as soon as they got into my vehicle and I started driving. I also know that this is a new tactic for gaining free rides

If someone ends a trip early I’m pulling over and putting them out and tell them your trip ended thank you have a nice day.

They think it’s a free ride, so they do it all the time, but pull over and end their ride, they will either request and get you again or get to walking, BUT NO FREE RIDES…you cancel, your trip is over wherever it canceled at.

I told them they ended the trip so I’m ending the ride and they said if we request you as an Uber driver will you take us so I did only because they requested it and I did get paid for their cancelation fee also

Even though they ended up paying, if it happens again don’t take them cause they tried to steal from you.

Definitely report them to LYFt or Uber so they get deactivated as a Pax… so so so cheap these fucking people!!!

You’re not the only one this happened tohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP14dJZzKkA

Boot them out of the car! Middle of the intersection or the middle of a bridge just boot them out. It’s happened to me and that’s what I do. No second chances… They will think twice the next time they do it!

I agree with everything you did except find a safe spot. When the ride was cancelled YOU were no longer safe! When it happened to me the second time I hit the binders and booted them. I was hardly nice about it either. They knew I meant business & they got out… fast. So then did I

Don’t be fooled!!! STOP your vehicle and ask why they cancelled the ride? And tell them to get out of your vehicle before you have to contact the authorities.

Do NOT listen to pax!!!

They are nothing but scammers!

Your in Philly… be careful my BFF drives in South Philly and happen often… kick them out and tell them, sorry no free rides!

I wouldn’t let them request again unless it was surge. If they try to scam their ride is over period. I’m not giving them another chance to pull something else.

Here are three things you need to stop pax from trying to scam you:

Dash cam, Dash cam, Dash cam.

I’ve still had a couple pax do scams. I used to be truthful about how long I keep the footage and they figure since it’s after that time is when they can “report an incident” since I no longer have the footage. Now I just tell people that ask that it goes into a cloud storage.

They do it cuz the cancelation fee is less then the whole trip. U still take them ur getting paid less and now are at risk

Inform them that somehow the ride was cancelled and you can’t take them because you might have another ride waiting. Give them the boot contact Uber/Lyft let them know what happened. I had that happen a few times only once did I take the person the full distance. The others got the boot at time of cancellation

Passengers really know they can mistreat drivers who are new since it shows the amount of trips driven

It’s called being dishonest and trying to scam a free ride - much due to social media post that circulated about how to get free ride. While the right thing to do is to pull over somewhere safe to kick them out, those who pull this crap don’t even deserve that consideration. Just boot them out and threaten to call the cops

That’s when I saw “I would but it looks like you cancelled the ride as you entered the vehicle. I would need you to request the ride again. You might get me you might not.”

The moment they did that you pull over tell him to get out if they refuse to go out get out you call nine-one-one and let him know that you’re a Uber driver with people in the vehicle who refused to get out of the vehicle and refused to pay tell him you feel you’re in danger