What is the proper procedure based upon guidelines set forth by Uber in regards to the following:

If I get a request for Uber X while I am in my minivan and show up to five or six passengers do I
A. tell them they must cancel and request an XL?
B. Take them as is and report as trip problems-more than four passengers(After trip)?
I ask in regards to the liability due to the face the way Bill will still say 4 passengers. If I choose option B & am involved in an automobile accident will insurance cover them?

Minivan, 7 total passenger capacity. 6 pax max. Profile listed for x and xl. So at times I will get a request for x and show up to more than four passengers. But I can’t find any official comment from Uber in regards and when I send them a message they are less than helpful

I know I can just take them, and report, it will turn xl. I’m just worried about liability while on said trip

i have seen comments from uber stating " take as many passengers as you have safety belts" so i do think you would be covered under that statement.

it’s easier then you think that’s why I learned early on to upgrade because these people will do anything to get a ride

But not even 10 seconds later you give the crappiest advice in the world in this comment… I guess in hindsight you didn’t read the fact of my original post… I didn’t need a walkthrough it’s clear that I know how to do that lol thanks for the good laugh though

I believe the insurance will cover no matter what. The only issue would be if it didn’t and than they tried coming after your personal insurance. One reason I’m looking into getting business insurance.

They won’t do shit. I had that problem. Same deal i can take 6 pax. Did the help thing they would not upgrade to XL since we do not have XL in my area.

Yeah that’s pretty standard when they first open up in an area. Plus it could be an agreement with the city also. Lots of factors to play into it with contracts and everything else, it’s not always a F Uber thing.

Yes your covered because your not breaking the law having enough seatbelts for them. And then as you know you just change the fare after

Ask for a Fare adjustent for that fare. so long as you are defined with UBER as UBERX and UBERXL they should adjust the fare. for the UBERXL fee.