What is the Difference Between UberPOOL and Express POOL

Uber customers have noticed that there are two categories in the app that looks similar, so I decided to explain what the difference is between the two services.

UberPOOL is a cheaper UberX ride, where passengers get to split the fare between themselves. The driver will pick up passengers at their requested location and drop them off at their destination based on an algorithm that speeds up the navigation process. So, first come first off is not part of the algorithm, in many cases, passengers coming on first might also be the last to be dropped off.

Express POOL is different to UberPool in that it requires the rider to meet the driver at a pre-destined pickup location set by Uber and not the passenger, and it drops you off at an Uber destination point too. This speeds up and cheapens the whole process and makes Express POOL more of a "shuttle" service than a rideshare service. Express POOL is the cheapest service that Uber has to offer in the US.

Using Uber POOL

If you want to use the UberPOOL solution, which means you want to be picked up want your location and dropped off at your destination. You need to choose UberPOOL from the ride category slider; this will enable the Uber algorithm to match you with other riders in the same area and find the right driver to meet all of you. The app will give you the name of the other rider as well as the destination. The app will also tell you who gets picked up first but only tells the driver who to drop off last, so don't be surprised if you are not the first to be dropped off. Uber POOL allows each rider to bring a friend, which will limit the ride to four people in total.

Using Express POOL

You select Express POOL instead in the ride category slider, and then you will be given instructions with a map, showing where to meet the driver that you have been allocated. This means walking a short distance to a pick-up location. Uber expects you to be at the location before the driver. You will also be shown where your drop off location is, so expect to walk a bit too, after you are dropped off.


How much does Uber POOL and Express POOL cost?

To start off with, Express POOL is cheaper, it is hard to determine exact fare amounts since the algorithm is a trade secret, so here is a comparison of the prices between the two. Just to give a brief understanding of the difference in price, Pool is around 50% the price of UberX, and Express Pool is around 75% of the Pool price.


Uber Ride Type Ride Price
UberX $8.54
Uber POOL $4.44
Express POOL $3.13

Cancellation rules and fees for these services

Both services carry a $5 cancellation fee. The difference between the two is in the waiting time; a driver will wait up to 2 minutes for both services before a no-show cancellation is accepted. You can cancel both services within 1 minute only of making the request, after which you will be charged the cancellation fee.

Are UberPOOL and Express POOL available in your city?

Both services are limited to different cities, UberPOOL is more prolific, while Express POOL is limited to only a handful of places. Check out uber.com/cities to see a list of all the Uber services in your city.

The Uber POOL experience?

If you have ever ridden a bus or a train, then you know what public transport is like. POOL is like public transport but in closer and confined space. This can bring issues to the fore, but in most cases and based on experience, passengers tend to keep to themselves. There are horror stories of passengers with BO and sloppy passengers, as well as drunk and nasty characters. However, the rule of thumb is that most passengers tend to be OK. The only time there are issues with passengers that become unruly, is when they are a companion and not an Uber customer, in that case, it is hard to track them down.

Big difference, once is a shuttle service the other is a shared rideshare service. They are totally different in concept. I actually think that Uber should use XL for the Express Pool and make it into a fully fledged solution to public transport for high request areas. There are plenty of downtown stops that a suburban pickup would greatly improve the life of “migrant workers”.