What is Pickup premium possible?


What the heck is “Pickup premium possible” on the uber ride request screen?

I’m not sure what that means. I have been driving for Uber over 5 years now and have never seen anything like that. Maybe it means you will get paid extra for the ride?

I really do not know what it means. :thinking:

Did you take it? how did it go? Uber screwing with us key word “Possible”.

No. “Possible” kept me away…

That is what shows up when ride is eligible for long pickup fee.

It says possible cause you have to pass your threshold before you start getting paid time & distance. I hear it ranges from 8 - 11 minutes.

I did it was 22 minutes away and I was going to hit no thanks then I saw the name of the town so I took it. It’s close to my house and I was just leaving the driveway. I know a shortcut it took me 11 minutes and $6.00 was added to the fare.

An official response from Uber on “Premium Pickup Possible”:

Hi Bikramjit,

We understand that you want to have as many trip details as possible while accepting trips using Uber, so we’ve added a notification to the trip request screen when we believe a Long Pickup Fee may apply to a trip.

We’ve seen in the past that trips that include a Long Pickup Fee tend to be longer trips that have lower cancellations.

You’ll see “Pickup premium possible” or Pickup premium likely" in cases where a Long Pickup Fee may apply to a trip. Please note: these notifications do not guarantee that you will receive a Long Pickup Fee.

If we can help you with anything else, please let us know.

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Thanks for getting in touch, Bikramjit. In order for me to help resolve your concern, can you please provide more information on the issue you’re experiencing? Please include screenshots if applicable. Looking forward to your response.

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What Trip Type(S) Are You Not Receiving? : What is premium pickup possible?
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Do you need a high end vehicle for a "premium pickup?. I cant seem to find a website that has answers to these questions…

Is there a way to know where your destination is before you accept trip?

@Jsab Pickup premium or long pickup fees only applies to UberX or UberPOOL trips.

No, it doesn’t depend on the vehicle you drive but the distance from a rider and the time it will take for you to reach the rider. Depending on the market that you are in, you may get paid a long pickup fee if the pickup takes longer than a set amount of time. In some markets, it is 8 minutes. In other markets, it is 10 minutes or even 12 minutes. The catch is that they say possible on there. If it takes you 6 minutes to get to that passenger instead of 12, you get absolutely nothing.

Who has gotten the dream request?

5☆ Pax + Long Trip fee + Surge + Long Trip (45+ min) + Pickup Premium Possible + consecutive Trip Bonus?

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It’s a trap! Hahaha

I accepted one. It said “Pool premium likely”

I was stuck in traffic to find out the only street to get to the rider was blocked by the police. I was in the car for about 20-25 minutes before I got to the street being blocked so I called the rider and told him there was no way in. He canceled and Uber did not pay me anything after spending that much time trying to get to the rider. I messaged Uber complaining about the whole situation and they paid me $2.50 -__-

Don’t be fooled by the word premium.

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You’re right, it’s a freaking trap! Uber entice you with some chump change. :expressionless::triumph:

I have gotten 2 of these unicorn rides. and they worked out nicely. Both over 2 hour drives. And paid $110.00 each not including tip. If you take one of these. I hope you have a full tank and a comfortable seat.

Accepted PPP for POOL, 12min drive for pick up and got 0.26

I stopped picking up PPP rides because it is not worth the time. The most I will go is 10 minutes out ride requests, anything over it gets ignored right away.

I started out last night with a trip that was 8.29 miles and lasted 13 and a half mins. It will only let me post one picture but the first ride breakdown was base fare $1.80 Distance $9.58 and time $2.63 for a total of $14.01. Right, when I got done with that trip I had a trip pop up that was about 11 mins away and said “possibly premium” I was not sure what that meant but it sounded good. I picked my rider up and drove for just about the same time and distance as my first trip but I traveled much further to pick this rider up and was paid $5.15 less. Should be called “possibly a scam”. I called uber and all they could tell me was that the rates change according to times and zones. This will be the last time I pick up a PP!

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I totally have to agree with the last driver.
I took a screen shot of fare details that shows the “long trip” fee.
I accepted a a trip that said “possible primium” last night (I have accepted many over the months and never felt properly compensated for what end up being short rider trips but longn some up to 20 minutes and 17 miles away, pickups) that was a 11.5 mile, 14 minute pick up distance.
The photo shows I recieved a total of .47 cents, 0.31 for .53 miles and 0.16 for 1.02 minutes.
You can see that the trip itself from pick up, though it was less that a 5 mile trip, took 9.05 minutes to complete and paid a mere $4.41 for the trip without "long pickup"fee.
So I spent nearly a half hour on this ride, for less than $5. (And most riders never tip out here)
Uber and lyft try to tell us the goal is to make $20 an hour, but even when I get trip after trip, like tonight, being que’d before even finishing the previous, they make it impossible to do so by giving us these long pick ups.
On the next “long pickup” trip offered, I checked the rider app, and there were cars available that were less than half the distance they wanted me to travel to the pick up. And it was listed as a 6 minute trip from pick up to destination. I am not driving more than 15 minutes away for a 6 minute $3 trip. The long pick up fee just isn’t worth it.
You want your Riders to be picked up by the soonest available driver? Regardless of distance? Then make it worth our while. If the only actual drivers available are that far away? Then you need to give the driver a surge bonus better than a measly 0.47 cents. If a pick up is farther than 5 minutes, you should be paying long pickup fees.
And you should be automatically charging/paying a higher rate for trips after midnight.
You put my city (ogden, ut) in the same driving district as salt lake city, but only offer promotion bonuses in SLC, then wonder why no one wants to drive in these areas to meet your rider needs.
You keep this up, you are going to have more issues like NYC and Chicago.

Oh, and on the subject, you should charge, and pay to the driver, resturaunts wait time for ubereats drivers waiting for an order not ready within 5 minutes of arrival.
To often I arrive (after a 6 to 10 minute drive) and they haven’t even started the order. And you wonder why few drivers want to do it.

are Lyft don’t have any premium cab