What is Pickup premium possible?

(Peter Dave) #1


What the heck is “Pickup premium possible” on the uber ride request screen?

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(Bick Bhangoo) #2

I’m not sure what that means. I have been driving for Uber over 5 years now and have never seen anything like that. Maybe it means you will get paid extra for the ride?

I really do not know what it means. :thinking:

(Andrew Martin) #3

Did you take it? how did it go? Uber screwing with us key word “Possible”.

(Peter Dave) #4

No. “Possible” kept me away…

(Preet) #5

That is what shows up when ride is eligible for long pickup fee.

(Amanda Halen) #6

It says possible cause you have to pass your threshold before you start getting paid time & distance. I hear it ranges from 8 - 11 minutes.

(Mitchel) #7

I did it was 22 minutes away and I was going to hit no thanks then I saw the name of the town so I took it. It’s close to my house and I was just leaving the driveway. I know a shortcut it took me 11 minutes and $6.00 was added to the fare.

(Bick Bhangoo) #8

An official response from Uber on “Premium Pickup Possible”:

Hi Bikramjit,

We understand that you want to have as many trip details as possible while accepting trips using Uber, so we’ve added a notification to the trip request screen when we believe a Long Pickup Fee may apply to a trip.

We’ve seen in the past that trips that include a Long Pickup Fee tend to be longer trips that have lower cancellations.

You’ll see “Pickup premium possible” or Pickup premium likely" in cases where a Long Pickup Fee may apply to a trip. Please note: these notifications do not guarantee that you will receive a Long Pickup Fee.

If we can help you with anything else, please let us know.

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Thanks for getting in touch, Bikramjit. In order for me to help resolve your concern, can you please provide more information on the issue you’re experiencing? Please include screenshots if applicable. Looking forward to your response.

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(Jerry) #9

Do you need a high end vehicle for a "premium pickup?. I cant seem to find a website that has answers to these questions…

Is there a way to know where your destination is before you accept trip?

(Brandon Bhangoo) #10

@Jsab Pickup premium or long pickup fees only applies to UberX or UberPOOL trips.

(Bick Bhangoo) #11

No, it doesn’t depend on the vehicle you drive but the distance from a rider and the time it will take for you to reach the rider. Depending on the market that you are in, you may get paid a long pickup fee if the pickup takes longer than a set amount of time. In some markets, it is 8 minutes. In other markets, it is 10 minutes or even 12 minutes. The catch is that they say possible on there. If it takes you 6 minutes to get to that passenger instead of 12, you get absolutely nothing.

(Jose Hernandez) #12

Who has gotten the dream request?

5☆ Pax + Long Trip fee + Surge + Long Trip (45+ min) + Pickup Premium Possible + consecutive Trip Bonus?

(Denis Guerra) #13

It’s a trap! Hahaha

I accepted one. It said “Pool premium likely”

I was stuck in traffic to find out the only street to get to the rider was blocked by the police. I was in the car for about 20-25 minutes before I got to the street being blocked so I called the rider and told him there was no way in. He canceled and Uber did not pay me anything after spending that much time trying to get to the rider. I messaged Uber complaining about the whole situation and they paid me $2.50 -__-

Don’t be fooled by the word premium.

(Brandon Bhangoo) #14

You’re right, it’s a freaking trap! Uber entice you with some chump change. :expressionless::triumph:

(Bobby Dodd) #15

I have gotten 2 of these unicorn rides. and they worked out nicely. Both over 2 hour drives. And paid $110.00 each not including tip. If you take one of these. I hope you have a full tank and a comfortable seat.

(Megan Ruiz) #16

Accepted PPP for POOL, 12min drive for pick up and got 0.26

(Bick Bhangoo) #17

I stopped picking up PPP rides because it is not worth the time. The most I will go is 10 minutes out ride requests, anything over it gets ignored right away.