What is lyft doing with our cancelled trip cash?

Many passengers cancels on me and lyft pocket the money. I didn’t realise that until today. I picked a pass…she made a mistake of using the lyft line rather than a regular lyft. She had two stops. So she cancelled and re order. 5 minutes later she I got charge for cancelling. When I check my account. I got no money for the cancelled trip.

So is that only me not getting the cancels fees or everyone else.

You wait there for 5 minutes. And they charge the customer n we get nothing.

When u arrive DONT tap on pick up . Wait till the rider is in the vehicle . If they don’t show wait for the timer to 0.00 and make your phone call and after that use option passenger isn’t available . Check earnings 5 mins later and you have your 5$ fee . Problem solved

Try my way , thats the only way it works GUARANTEED . Also after arriving at pick dont move more than few feet so you do t trigger the start ride automatically

Yeah. I’ve had to email them way too often and ask for them. They do it but it sometimes takes a few days. I think they are banking on us getting busy and forgetting that it is owed to us :confused:

I m not mad at the company for stealing my money. I made more money than I thought I could ever made with them. but when it’s slow and you drive 5 minutes and wait 5 minutes and don t get compensated it sucksssssssssss

Welcome to the club I drive for both Uber & Lyft in Florida. How is it in NYC

the fact that you need tlc license to drive in nyc sucks. the investment is too much

I feel your pain brother I have to do 75 rides for $135 & 90 rides for $180 bonus towards car rental as i have been doing their Express Drive Rental car program not only do I waste gas and time arriving at pick up location & 2-3 minutes into wait time then cancel on me. Have had to message Lyft in just about every incident hasn’t been happening as much lately maybe they’re as over this repetitive issue that they keep hearing from me about has required my repetitive messages (complaints) I know I’m over it last thing I want to do is have to contact the Lyft moguls and explain how I was not honored the well deserved cancellation fee. I also believe that when i go to pick up pax & wait 5-7 or 8 minutes & rather than show up I am alerted pax has cancelled that totally should be honored as a ride for those of us with ride #incentives. Which not only express car rental in potential bonus’.

Sorry post was a bit lengthy, there is something to be done about this I’ve been working on the way of holding lyft responsible for their actions in dishonest practice that contradict their claimed policies & is completely unjust to us rivers who are nothing less than taking $ out of our pockets. If you are a Lyft driver experiencing issues of this nature please pm me if you’re interested in shutting that crap down…can’t do it on my own. If you have any questions on this issue or unclear on what it is I speak of please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via PM through messenger.

They dont give cancellations all the time
And countless times they dont reimburse for tolls…
They’re support is so unfavorable to drivers and difficult I dont even bother anymore

This has happened to me several times, it’s my only beef I have with Lyft. I have gotten a few they had burned me on by submitting a report to them and pitchin’ a bitch.

my memory is they used to give cancel fees… then they still gave them but did not disclose them on the breakdown… then a little while later when we were no longer looking for the line item… just decided to start keeping them. I noticed when rides with cancels started feeling very low in the payouts.