What is best car for UBER X?


I am looking to buy a new car or a different one Since
the FORD FOCUS 2016 is a car refuse, which you consider to be the best cars to make UBER X … ??
What do you think, with your experience in Autos?

As far as I heard from doing this people keep tell me a Honda will last you a long time if you take care of it. I’d say anything with good gas mileage and doesn’t have a rep. for frequent maintenance.

Im in the car business, any car can be an issue and any can end up being great, that being said some are more prown to issues than others, a camry or accord are your best bet with civic and accord being right there

I’m thinking about maybe letting it go away, because it’s been 5 times already in the workshop and it’s not repaired, now Ford says it can not answer in changing the car, that only repair and repair the necessary times, eh thought about leaving it better lose even that I credit will go to the pipe :angry:

I am paying an extended warranty, and Ford tells me that I do not qualify for auto replacement, and they want to sell me a new one with interest, in my current deal I do not pay interest, do you believe it?

Ford Is awful, my transmission went out when I like 1,000 over warranty and they (Ford Motor Company, not dealer) told me I should have bought extended warranty and did zero. New transmission didn’t even last 12,000 miles. Research indicated the transmission cooling system was insufficient yet Ford did nothing. Never bought Ford again and bash them every chance I get, 15 years later lol

Toyota, Honda, VW, are the top three now and days. Unless you buy a VW van, whose engines be still be Chrysler’s. Chrysler is trash

You don’t want expensive car for Uber at the same time you won’t want unreliable cars too… Kia and Hyundai gives 100k warranty but I prefer Camry, accord Corolla or civic ! Note: Go sth you also like to drive coz you spend a lot of time inside that car !

Like others have said Toyota are great. I have a '14 Corolla LE with 105k miles never a problem. Still same brake pads and rotors even! I Do my own synthetic oil changes ever 7-10k miles

Have you done the timing belt replacement, water pump, pulleys, fuel pump, etc etc etc.
You may be near big expenses soon. Usually between 100k to 135k. Every vehicle is different thou.

I use a
2014 Chevy cruze turbo diesel.
Put 100k miles 1st 12 months of driving last year. Just under 200k miles now. Driven less 2nd year.
Same brake pads and rotors.
Maintenance done accordingly at suggested mileage.

It runs great only had to replace a couple of motor mounts so far since I got it but it’s been in my family since it was new it’s a hand me down

Any cash car of $3,000 bucks, because why buy new when you can save 3,000 doing Uber in a month! 2008 Honda Civic still looks new

You do not know the extent of your injuries until a full checkup and scans are done… I was rear ended in a corolla 10 years ago, went to ER, was told you are all good… have chronic back pain. never sued… never went to proper full checkup… have regrets. Go that attorney I told ya about, cannot lose money, and cannot risk anything by doing this. its doing it for you…

I understand the small Hyundai SUV qualifies for XL and is low priced. I’ll eventually replace my 2014 Benz GLK with it for cost and depreciation reasons.

Qualifies is one thing, does it work or result in cancellations is another, groups of 5-8 people book XL from what I can tell and sometimes there is going to be large cargo. So do your research and do not rush this