What is an acceptable reason for kicking a rider out of your car during a ride in your opinion?

Super drunk pool rider entered wrong drop off address, I verified name/destination at pickup. 5 miles into the trip (the opposite direction of where she should be going) asks me where I’m taking her to. She insists I somehow changed the address. I tell her pool rides can’t be changed. She demands I take her where she wants to go. I tell her she has to cancel and put in a new request. She refuses. I exit the highway and tell her the trip is over. She begins verbal assault with the inclusion that she has been video tapping the entire incident and she will be sending it to my CEO ( I laugh and say, are you sending it to me? I’m an independent contractor.) She begins to yell, call me a dumbass etc. I end the trip and call UBER support. Support person tells me he is filing a report and that my conversation with her yelling at me in the background was reported and that I should call the police. I hang up and tell her that I’m calling police if she doesn’t get out. She calms down and says “ please just take me to a gas station.” Since I am a decent human I proceed to drive to a gas station. She starts yelling at me again saying I don’t know where I’m going and am a dumb ass. I pull over, tell her to get out. She refuses. As soon as She sees me dial 911, she gets out. I drove off, rejected her next ping. Sad thing is during the haste of ending the trip I accidentally gave her 5 stars. This probably improved her already low 4.7 rating. I feel bad for leaving her but also kinda not.

Any reason you deem unsafe for you is enough reason. Just message support and let them know.

She can contact Support and refer to the previous call, and request she is never matched with her again. They will change the 5stars to 3 and she will be blocked!

I just wanted out of there. It was one of the craziest interactions I’ve had not only as a driver but possibly even as a person with another person.

Well this will be easy. When they are disrespectful, like telling me what a I better do or else. Expecting me to speed because they left late. Making sexist or racist comments. Basically anything that rises to the level of disrespectful period.

When I was new I would have tolerated has long has you did. Now that pax would have been history has soon has she started up. The 10 minute debate isn’t worth it because the result will be the same cancel and has soon has they refuse to get out call the police.

Time is money.

You know uber wants good customer service. If you requested trip correction with explanation you would get paid. Drunk people can be awful but that’s dealing with the public

I think my 4.95 ratings after 1,600 rides is a testament that I believe in providing great customer service. I wasn’t even worried about getting paid. She was legit crazy drunk and just causing problems. Could I have handled it better, maybe, but it escalated super fast because she wanted it to.

Don’t feel bad. Fuck that bitch. She deserves to be left on the side of the road.

You’re a lot nicer than I would have been.

“Just Let It Go”. If you continue to be an Uber Driver, you’re gonna have more incidents and you can’t let them get to you. This job doesn’t pay enough for stress. So, “Move On” or go down for nothing.

I had similar experience with not so bright rider…
As surge sore to 2.2 on a heavy rain afternoon, I picked this couple… At one point the rider complained , that the fare was high … And Bam a rider cancellation on the ride… I pulled over and asked the couple to get out… Meanwhile, I’m hammered with requests while the couple asking me to accept no other calls. I said, I liked to have dropped you off at your destination dry… but, now, let me help someone else :nerd_face::nerd_face:

I would have called the police anyways… Some pax need to learn and uber needs to start mandating background checks and lyft needs to start deactivating accounts with no pics of paxs as well… This happened to me on an 60+ airport ride… I politely pulled over on the turnpike and had the hp nicely drag that ass out of my car… No games here. If i cant carry a gun for my safety then my tolerance for crazy/disrespect is hella low… My safety comes first and peace of mind will be protected… Also stay on the phone with at least 2 other drivers and have them monitor your trip so that they can report your location as well… Safety in numbers

I had one customer that told me that I was going the wrong way following the App. I was like I am sorry just following what you put in. I said to him I can take you any place just change your destination in the App. or tell me the way you want to go. He was like STOP THE CAR you don’t know where your going so I did. I was just blown away at that confrontation. I couldn’t imagine this confrontation. The kicker was that I called support and told them what happened. So right after I got another call and as I looked around he disappeared. I felt like I was just on a game show of you were just “punked” or something. The rider still haunts me to this day just after 217 trips and a 5.0 rating. Be safe out there people. :slight_smile: