What insurance should I get?

How does all you lyft and uber drivers drive if your not coved by any insurance while on an assignment? The reason I ask this is because I got approved to drive finally, but my insurance threaten to close and cancel the policy if I did any ride for hire or ride sharing with the vehicle.

Don’t tell them. Seriously. My insurance person said she was going to pretend like she didnt hear me say that.

That’s a bad idea. I know someone who went that route. Got in an accident on the way to pick up passenger. And since they didnt report driving for rideshare to insurance the claim was denied and since they didnt have the passenger uber wouldn’t cover it. So I mean if you wanna risk losing the car after a wreck 100% and no help from insurance then yea go for it.

what are you talking about? Uber insurance is fully active if your on your way to pickup a passenger. The only time your not covered is when app is on , and you have no ride.

There are other insurance companies that provide rideshare gap coverage. You should shop around and make sure you receive additional quotes with detail about the coverage, i.e. stage I, stage II and so on.

In Maryland, in the county I am in, I pay 884 a year. Commercial approx 1600 a year. There are options for certain states to have an add on, not for Md. I tried to be honest and was told I have until June to get commercial or send them a deactivation letter from uber and Lyft as proof I am not now driving. Btw, this is Geico

I don’t understand! Do you all just Walk in the insurance company and say “ hey I just signed up for uber will you insure me? Or is uber your only job? Because I’ve been driving for 3 years using my same plan. Incase of an accident Uber already provides separate insurance for their riders. The only way I’ll pay for commercial insurance is if I’m on that uber black platform

There are too many loopholes that Rideshares dont have to cover you. It is a good business practice to be fully insured, if not you open yourself up for a lawsuit that they can take everything you own. Also become an LLC to also protect your personal assests. All it takes is one minor accident and a pax or paxs to sue you.
Also if you are driving only with Uber/Lyft insurance, and you get involved in a accident, your personal insurance will and can cancel you. Then when you go to get new insurance, you’ll be “an assigned risk” meaning you will be paying more $$$ and can be cancelled again easier.
Be a responsible business owner and get the insurance or dont drive

Just call the insurance company and say I need to add rideshare yo my policy. Boom done

They probably don’t provide it & that is the reason for the threat of cancellation. Not every company offers ride share coverage.

You get Rideshare Insurance. If your insurance doesn’t have that, change Insurance companies. Many companies carry it. It’s an additional rider that works with your normal insurance.

I drove for 3 years w/o rideshare coverage. Fortunately when my prius was totalled they covered me but canceled on my new car. There weren’t many options then now there are I pay 5 bucks more than usual for my compliant coverage, it’s better to have and not use then to need and not have

And my question is…how do you sign up to work with a company, if you don’t know what you’re signing up for? And don’t ask here…most people here don’t know their assess from a hole in the ground AND it’s a national group. Platform policies and laws vary across the country. You need to educate yourself on YOUR state laws, as well as thoroughly read the TOS for both platforms.

That’s a good question. I asked questions before I signed up and I asked about Insurance. But at the Hub, they said Uber only requires regular insurance at $50K, $100K, $25K … they said nothing about rideshare. It wasn’t until later that I found out about needing rideshare. That came from other drivers.
I feel it’s very disingenuous of Uber & Lyft to not tell people that they HAVE TO HAVE rideshare Insurance.
They’re more concerned with having their driver numbers up than with weather we’re covered properly in case we have an accident.

In NY, the only two insurance companies I know of that will not drop you for driving Uber is USAA and Liberty Mutual. Your only other option is getting full commercial.

Those of you in Pa, Erie offers a rider policy that will fill in the gap coverage that Uber/Lyft dont cover. Its really really cheap its like $10-$30 dollars a year more on top of your policy. Only drawbacks is they put you in a plan that they can raise your cost per year whenever they want instead of being in a Locked Payment

First of all, you shouldn’t ask them unless you’re sure they offer a rideshare policy, and you’re willing to sign up for it. Second, you are covered by Uber or Lyft, but with a $1000/$2500 deductible while you are carrying passengers. So, that means you can sign up for a rideshare rider, or commercial insurance through one of the carriers that offer it in your state. By signing up, they can’t cancel you simply for doing rideshare.

I’m about to look for a new company. Been with state farm for over a year now and they keep going up on my payment.

My State Farm insurance didn’t go up or get changed when I started Uber or after my first accident while online but not w a rider.

Just got a quote in FL. One vehicle, $132.00 increase for a total
of $332.00 per month.