What if Uber moves to driverless cards?

When Uber moves to driverless cars, are they going to pay for gas, car payments, maintenance, cleaning, title lucense and registration (all those thibgs we currently swallow) not to mention water and mints. And most importantly who decides what music is playing?

It is a pipe dream plus who cleans the car in between each ride after five or six rides the car will be trashed. Who make sure people are getting sick in them or spilling drinks. Who is going to make sure they are not ransporting kids

I’m sure the panhandlers on the street corners will take care of that for them for some spare change. Lol!

Why should uber pay for your license and registration anyways lol it’s your car you use it for other shit that’s not uber

But if they get rid of all of us and have a fleet of self driving cars they have to pay all of that.

If drivers are willing to work for this cheap, they have no need to ever go driverless.

First off it will take decades for beauracracy and infrastructure not to mention how far the technology has to come

There is no technology that is in the near future that will allow the cameras and gos sensors in these vehicle to navigate roads in less than perfect weather. That means every time there is a rainstorm or snow or hail or lightening all the sensors in the world will not beable to read a road. For humans we have the ability to guess fairly where the lanes are in inclement weather even if we cant see the road. Cameras and computers are nowhere close to having instinct liek this.

They have been proven to fail in blizzard and white out conditions. They fail miserably.

Honestly it’s not impossible, maintenance will they will take care of it. They might be electric and computerized to go back to headquarters when it’s almost dying. Car payments since they own it they will make the car payments duh, cleaning maybe after 3-4 trips they’ll figure something out. And registration someone in uber will take care of that online it’s pretty simple. They don’t need water and mints I for sure NEVER CARRY THAT. And it’s a self driving car for gods sake… Who else will control the music obviously if they figure out how to run a self driving car they will figure out a way for a pax to play their music. If I owned uber this is a smart idea. But it’s gonna suck for us losing our jobs. The only thing I’m mad at, is how I didn’t start uber lol. But yeah

Lol you made it sound like they been around for a while it only been tested in few market with driver in the car . it is not as easy as you think. Machine will never outsmart or be better than human that is a fact

Driverless cars still needs a human inside the car i seen numerous videos on these things the car still needs someone with it

Who is going to clean up the vomit? Or will they just leave messes for the next customer?

The drivers less cars will have …

Each cars will have candy vending machine…

It’s funny that people really think that there will driverless car it just kills me

To have driverless cars you would have to have sensors in the road that would coordinate with sensors that are in the car it would cost too much money to install all the sensors and communication devices everywhere in order for it to work you know how long they have been working on driverless cars years and years and the only place they can drive on is on their test track where they have sensors

Uber would never have their own driverless cars then they would be a transportation company and gave to get all necessary permits and insurance

Uber would never have driverless cars because these entitled scumbag customers would destroy the cars

They just placed an order for 100k mercedes sedans. Hopefully they hire some of you to be pilots.

So for now. The cars are not allowed on the road without human pilots due to government regulation. If trumo gets elected he will likely be the 1st to sign off on those cars, and Bernie would likely not approve them simpky to save our jobs. Vote wisely