What has your experience

Thank you for the add! I have been signed up with Uber for a while, but have not actually started driving yet. I would love to hear from the ladies in this group. What has your experience been? We live outside of Indianapolis, so I know I could make decent money, just worried about safety I guess? Help a girl out!

All I can said for the lady , please be careful. If you do drive do it before dark :pray:

I have been driving for a week. Same boat. Signed up a while back and was hesitant to start. I enjoy it. I have had nothing but nice people. These days of winter its hard not to drive after dark…just know your area and be aware of your surroundings.

Thank you. I figure I wouldn’t be driving in the city much. Rather I would stay on the south side where I live. It’s quieter around here. But yes, winter makes it hard to do much in day light hours.

Try and get started during the day and ease yourself into driving at night. Trust your gut!!! Try and know the area you’re driving in, so you know if you’re picking up in a bad area or not. Do not be afraid to cancel if things do not feel right. Dash cam, dash cam, dash cam!

Put backpack in front passenger seat so no one is up front. Carry pepper sprays and if your instinct question it cancel.

I drive at night all the time. In places that aren’t the safest. I’m always praying but I’m also always prepared. I have an emergency tool in the front with I seat belt strap cutter, a small knife, glass breaker and a little shocker just in case. I keep my keys in my pocket because I have keyless start. I used to race cars and have taken stunt and defensive driving classes. I did have a creeper in my car recently who decided to sit up front and started fidgeting and asking weird questions like “where do u live and what’s the latest U’ve been out being normal before anyone worries.” I told him my dash cam sends live feed at a 5 minute delay to a few of my friends who can check on me at any time. He stopped talking. I dropped him off at the store and he didn’t even go inside. That day I cried and got a real dash cam! I tried the bag in the front seat thing but that never works for the passenger that’s determined to sit up front.

Drive in the day time first. Get a feel for it. I don’t pick up in certain areas and pray that once they get in my car i don’t have to drop off in those areas. I’m ordering me a taser later today and pepper spray.

Been driving over 2yrs n only drive nights n it’s been good for the most part. I’ve only had one scary situation happen to me but u know, that’s because I was in the wrong side of town😅 the most u will have to deal with is passengers hitting on u or propositioning u cause these guys out there are crazy! Like tonight, I had one crazy one stay behind after his gf got out only to ask me if I was single n said that if I was he’d even leave his girl WTF! I just pointed to my camera n said you’re funny. Most of it, u just gotta brush it off… You’ll be ok.
Oh, n I’ve noticed that since having my dash cam, passengers do act better.

I had concerns too when i first drive and just did it. I had so many ppl telling me all the bad stuff about what could happen. That was all before joining this group.
So saying this isn’t the job for her because she has concerns is dumb. We all have concerns so with your take non of us should be here

again depends on the area and person. For example my sister is a tiny tiny girl. Under 5’ I would never be okay with her driving. Especially in Houston. Lots of nice people but also lots of creepers and scary areas

Always have a plan - when my cars going I lock all the doors except mine just in case I need to jump out of the car - I have security words for my family if help is needed - I rarely drive at night (my husband does) so I don’t deal with the drunks. I never get out of my car unless it’s in a secured area (hotels- lighted parking lots). If you deliver food, knock on the door and take a few steps back, use your least dominant hand to pass the food on - just in case your pulled towards them your stronger hand is available to punch with. Like the others said “use/trust your instincts” most importantly - have fun!!!

I’m saying in general…If you are the type of person to always be worried about who you’re picking up or where, this job isn’t for you…You have to just go with the flow

I worry but use caution/ common sense. I ain’t afraid to cancel or drive off if it doesn’t feel right. I also stay on the nicer areas of town and avoid the scarier areas. it does but tends to reduce risk :sweat_smile: I will say majority of people who I get are going to/ from work and are super respectful/ nice.

My best advice follow your instincts, if it doesn’t feel right or you get bad vibe you don’t have to take the ride. I have canceled before because I didnt feel safe.

Also sometimes I do drive at night because its better money but make sure you know the area you’re in and let someone know you’re driving at all times. My mom checks in periodically with me when I do.

Can’t imagine having fear while doing my job. Maybe I should just because I’m a large man doesn’t mean I’m safe.
Don’t discount working at night. In my market all the middle income and up areas are lit up with surge till about 8pm nice people going to dinner etc. if I didnt do my 2pm to 8pm shift and did 7am - 5 pm I’d work more hours for 2/3 the money

I’ve been a driver for 3 years. I have found that no make up and not dressing up helps with the creepers and also helps with the tips. As for good/bad areas, I go where the app takes me. I usually drive late nights and weekends. No major issues- in 6000 rides. I let them sit up front if they want. I figure if they want to hurt me they would catch me off guard by sitting behind me and attacking me. I have found the rich areas are cheap with no tipping and the regular people that have service industry jobs tip. I believe I have been on a few drug deals that kind of annoyed me. I have had people have sex in my car which really pisses me off. I have had several pukers which is nasty but ok because it ended my night and added $250 to it. All I can say is since I have gotten the dash cam people are aware of it and act much better and I feel safer. I’ve only had one person tell me not to record them. I told them Texas is a one person consent law on recording and it’s for everyone’s safety - if he did not like it I could drop him off on the side of the road right now. Take things with a grain of salt and the easier going/ funny you are the easier it will be and keep the weirdos calm and behaved. DASH CAM AND SMALL TAZER FROM WISH.COM
No pepper spray that will back fire on you.

My cousin is a girl and after a certain time she’ll only pick up gay males at bars since they won’t hit on her or try to sleep with her

I’m confused…how do you know if they are gay when you accept the ride? So you kick then out when she finds out that they are bi or hetro? I think that is sexual discrimination.

I usually drive daylight hours. In Columbus, Ohio. Had one bad experience, a fellow wanted to master bate in my backseat, no actual exposure…I pretended I didn’t notice…reported him asap!