What happens when they're disrespectful to us?

Newbie here with a question

I just picked a pax (lady) from Intown Suits off Piedmont. Her trip was about 30 mins due to traffic. She got in the car smelling like fish, summers eve and cheap body spray. She had on a tiny dress without underwear. This was a pool ride. She loaded my trunk with bags and bins that barely fit as if she was using me instead of a uhaul. I kindly assisted her with her items and gave her a towel to sit on because her dress was wet on the butt. she had a slight attitude🤷🏽‍♀️ Anyway as we got on the highway I said, hey guys I’m about to roll all the windows down to get some fresh air
I left the AC on. She said no don’t roll down the window because my hair is blowing out of place​:weary: the wig looked like it needed to be aired out anyway :thinking:I said well I need air. So she calls her friends and start talking shit. I kindly pulled over, told her the reason why we needed air and told her to request another ride​:v:t4: The other pax tipped me 10, she said she was dying back there. Was I wrong?

Think when kicking someone out, which for me.is a last resort, it might be best to put them in a gas station, parking lot etc rather at the side of the road. I have only done it once and that’s because these two girls were being very disrespectful, trying to get me to speed cause they were late and just being real rude. Wasn’t even their account as it turns out.

Ijs it sprays kinda far so it will reach to the back seat if u started smelling when she got in :joy::joy::joy: Nah but u did right, more than I would do though, I wouldn’t have accepted a pool ride

Ain’t no way she blind to that! She smelt a whiff of herself when she plopped down or hit the bathroom. She knew!! No excuse for funky a funky poohnannee… Just Nasty

Exactly, we’re all women and we KNOW when she at time to freshen up. ESPECIALLY in the heat…She definitely knew and tried to put that shit off on me,

Girl she wasnt wet from sweating. I saw that girl abt 20 min before you picked her up cause i remember commenting on the dudes room she was leaving (yes i know Intown kinda well, girls gotta smoke). ANYWAY trust this, it wasn’t sweat!

And that’s commendable but just think if you picked up 4 people with that much stuff :thinking:. Gave you a good reason to cancel

Seeee I’m learning
Man I was trying to be understanding
But ended up getting cursed out because she stank

She knew that undayunda wasn’t right when she walked out of the house.

I will never understand why people who stank don’t know that they are the ones who are stanky. LoL

Yall all know that her ass was trickin and evidently could not stay where she was staying.
I don’t think I would hv picked her up in the 1st place seeing all of her mess she was carrying. AND SHE WAS ON A POOL RIDE? smh! Naw I wouldn’t hv driven her once I saw her. CANCELLATION FOR YOU! :rage::rage::rage:

Im still learning myself. And ive only been doing this since November 2016.
You will see a lot of tht going on downtown tho. Chicks going from hotel to hotel trickin for their pimp. But they will tell you different everytime…:confused::confused:

Maybe she couldn’t smell herself? Idk…
Thts how a lot of them roll…
Its either tht or nasty breath smellin drunks leaving the club…

I personally would rather deal with the bad breath cuz I can offer them gum or a mint till I get them home. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I can give TEN damns😐 about a one… get yo stank ass out my car. The hell with Uber and Lyft if they think I’m cleaning up discharge or suffocating due to her uncleanliness🤷🏽‍♀️

I would have broke it down to her…get an attitiude with me…and you on a pool too. The other passenger woyld have backed me up…No ma’am!!

Girl, honestly she smelled so bad that I didn’t want to talk. I was 38 HOT!! I didn’t want to go to jail because I am about that life lol just GET OUT!! And tell yo friend to come get you from the QT

Omg!Nope you did right
I can’t believe we are still having these hygiene conversations with Grown Ass People!

Lmao no like what was her reaction?
Funky people act as if they don’t know they are polluting the air​:weary::weary::eyes::eyes::joy::joy::joy:

girl as I mentioned before lol she was pissed so she was frowning, talking shit about me to her friend… See what she didn’t know was, I just look like this, I’m TRULY about that life​:muscle:t4::woman_shrugging:t4:

You handled it in professional way.you didn’t embarrass her but at the same time you gave her your reason politely. Great job