What extras do you offer your passengers, if any?


(Rakesh Sharma) #1

I have phone chargers that reach to the back seat, I’ve heard of other drivers offering water, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc.

(Abdul Karim) #2

steak dinners and free movie passes

(Snyder Reed) #3

Hand sanitizer, peppermints. That’s enough

(Hassan) #4

Phone charger and barf bags. But let’s be real, the barf bags are for me.

(Laura Lee) #5

Barf bags a phone charger and nothing. I used to give small waters but they left garbage. Took Franks and left bottles haft full and some that took all six waters. They blow nose leave dirty kneenex. Disgusting pigs and I o lt drive mornings. Executives are the worst.

(Abel) #6

I’ve heard some other drivers offer blow jobs along with snacks…

(Chris Stipe) #7

I have tissues, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes in the backs of my seats. I try to stay around Disney, so I get a lot of families.

(Marsha_Smith) #8

I foot massage and back … a chance to enter and win a vacation to Jamaica if u give me 5 stars rating … a full home remodeling. And 1000 dollars cash … all that for a $3.89 with no tips … sometimes in the morning coffee with bagel . And for lunch . Ceasar salad… hahahaha

(Jeremy Mwan) #9

Charger and barf bags…I capitalize on the drunk crowd

(Cody Parker) #10

Best thing I found to boost ratings and tips “rideshare candy jar”

(Brahim Decker) #11

waste of money. Pax will litter in your car, too. You can tip in the app as well. There is no need for this.

(Garrent George) #12

Just gave a couple glow sticks for the Eagles concert tonight. They tipped me $10! I’ve more than made my money back on them. (I give them to well behaved kids around the theme parks)

(Christian Odom) #13

offer ice cream, u will need some dry ice

(Lisa Markee) #14

One ride and music of my choice, nothing more. This isn’t a limo service it’s a cheap ride.

(Jack Dolen) #15

I use this and have water, gum, mints, snack bars, mini chocolate and other mini bars! I greet them when they get in, offer them the water/snacks and tell them I can take the trash upfront! Never had anyone trash my car and my passengers love it! So far 4 weeks, 50 rides and 5 Stars! Works for me.

(Mark Moore) #16

Nothing. If they ask for charger I say ppl nick them and don’t pay tips so I can’t buy new. Rating still 4.96

(Kelly Hector) #17

I keep a cooler in my trunk with water for pax and Coke, Zero for me. Have an IPhone, old and new Android charging cords.

(Bector Ernest) #18

I keep lotion, kleenex, and magazines in the back seat… I don’t quite understand why but lately I’ve had some weird cleaning fee claims… :confused:

(Melinda Foster) #19

Why do pax call Uber?This is the first question!If they want to pay more money,call cab!

(Jonathan Green) #20

Gums, water bottles, charger and tissues if needed, as well as bags for those drunks axx holes who are about to throw up in my car…:joy::joy: