What exactly is it that you guys and girls notice after taking certain vitamins?

Taking vitamins and eating healthy are 2 different things. Vitamin supplements, vitamins in pills are useless. They do zero for your body. It will be better to learn to include healthy options to your meals than buying fancy poop additives.

I bought a 30 day supply.
It rocks, I can feel it from day one.
Last night I took 1 pill, on my evening jog I broke my personal record time.

If caps then you take 6 and tablets 3 per day. Don’t take them all at one time, take them 3 times per day. And drink more water if you see heavy oj color.

I am sorry but vitamins are nothing more than a way to make your poop more expensive.
They do not get absorb by the body. FDA was very clear about it. Stop wasting money on that.

Let me get this straight: Your would rather believe a company that their product is magical?
the FDA funded two separated studies. They both concluded that there were not benefits.
Why you doctor does not prescribe vitamins? Or supplements?

A pregnant woman or who is breast feeding needs even more vitamins. The rest of us need to take less dosage. Yet you said FDA is against vitamins?? Good job detective.

If ya don’t mind my asking…what exactly is it that you guys and girls notice after taking certain vitamins? I try to eat well and haven’t taken a vitamin in years and I don’t remember noticing anything at all when I took them.

I used to take my vitamins and some supplements & when taken would give me energy. I would drink protein drinks to help with muscle building. I stopped many years ago because the amount and cost for all these is exorbitant and I hate to pop pills.

The best things to take are a b vitamin complex, fish oil and whatever supplement that might help whatever ailment you need help with.

I know, for instance, glucosamine & chrondotin work because I gave them to my dogs with hip/joint problems and saw a significant improvement. There is no placebo effect in dogs so you know it is working. I could go on but the important part is buying products from a reputable source.

I didn’t feel much either when I was younger but once I hit 50 A lot of things have changed.
I hate taking pills but if you are missing some nutrients… well I hate that even more.
If you feel great there is no reason to take anything.

Vitamins have also gone a long way since years ago, they have become more potent and better quality. You might not feel anything right away, might even take you two days, but the results are there.

Vitamins are fuel for your body, just like your car needs fuel to run. The more active and busy your are through the day, even if it just requires 8 hours of brain work, the more vitamins your body will burn through.

I’ve been a bodybuilder for over 30 years. Supplements, as you probably know are not regulated so how do you know they are any good? Anyway, VRP or their sister company is recommended by The Marino Center, a renowned east meets west medical center.