What else should I have readily accessible in case of an issue?

I have purposely been avoiding driving late at night, but my area keeps offering guaranteed rates for 12-3 am, and the daytime rates BLOW… making NO money at all and I’m a single mom and need to make the most of my time working…So what do I get? Mace? Hammer? Nice size knife? I live in NC as of recent, so everything is pretty much legal here. Also, besides shouting at them, how else do I get a drunk A-hole out of my car if I need/want to? What works for you guys?

Get a taser, if legal in your state. OC or “pepper spray” will get you just as good as them in a car. Also a really good chance you will be dealing with an even more agitated individual. It doesn’t blind, it just really pisses you off. Source: I was an MP and have been both tasered and sprayed.

Understand your predicament. I’m in Raleigh and the only real money is late Friday and Sat. even without guarantees. As messed up as it sounds, do your best not to look attractive or wear revealing clothes, even then you will get the idiot who will hit on you. Someone else has already commented on pepper spray, you need to bring what you feel comfortable with.

When I attended 6 hours of cab college back in the 1990’s, the instructor was Lou, who had 30 years experience driving and was a man who weighed about 110. He gave me instructions on how to bend back someone’s finger to compel them to leave the vehicle.

I really didn’t have to use it myself- I’m a pretty big guy who could intimidate if needed without violence, but the idea is to bend it backwards and the bum will leave in a hurry.

If a pax refuses to get out of your car try driving to the closest police station or area where people are. Get out of the car with keys, phone, & pepper spray. Call police and if they become aggressive use the pepper spray. The benefit of pepper spray over a stun gun is you can keep a distance between you and the aggressive person. Get the gel pepper spray it has something like a 15 foot range on it. Dash cam is a must.

No, I just thought about it at the moment. If you’re offline, you’re no longer a TNC, and are a private citizen. If you were still online, you really think Uber will help you out?

Its tough to roll out with your seat belt on, and today’s draconian seat belt laws.
In the 90’s, in Pennsylvania, cab drivers weren’t required to do the seat belt thing. The legislature wanted to make it as easy as possible to leave a sticky situation.

Do you know what a tazer is? Regardless of the scenario, pointing an object, pulling the trigger, and IMMEDIATELY incapacitating someone will always be better. And no do not get the gel. You cannot wipe or cleanse oil from your face and eyes, just as you cant get gel out either.

Absolutely! Best advice so far! ANY weapon is or can become a “community” weapon. Police training 101, YOU are introducing a firearm into every single scenario. Bring as knife? Plunge it directly into a 6’4 man, well now he has a knife…Its not the movies. Uh oh Im trollin…

Considering a large number of states require you to be licensed to own a taser it’s probably not a good idea. Like I said before, the next Taco Bell exec that wants to get crazy and you pull a taser and not know how to use it and said Taco Bell guy takes it from you well it’s time to ride the lightening yourself.

Pitch your side hustle, and hand them a business card. Clears out the car fast.
Only drawback is picking up business cards from floor mat.

And just to be clear, a gun is not the way to get a bad passenger out of your car. That’s what calling the police is for. The gun is for if he tries to prevent you from making that call.

Do not try to physically force a passenger out of your car or scream at them. In both cases, Uber will fault you. Try to remain calm and quickly call the police. Start video taping on your phone if you don’t have a dash cam.

I have a stun gun on my person and another one inside the vehicle, and a bear spray and regular maze. I do not argue with drunk passengers, I simply pull over to a public location and ask them to exit the vehicle because I’ve ended the ride. I’m dropping you off at a safe location and if you wish I will park close by until your ride arrives. If they take no for an answer, I’ll call 911 while connected to bluetooth.

I carry concealed, I also have a taser, and I keep a knife next to my seat. Does that mean I’m afraid of something, absolutely not, but I am prepared. Of course, I go through scenarios that involve a pax attempting to be violent with my 19 year old son as an all too eagerly willing assailant.

If I was you I would do everything to avoid the hours your looking to drive but if you must then do everything to protect yourself. First don’t be friendly because drinks will take that as you are hitting on them.