What do you guys wear when you drive?

I wear slacks and a dress shirt. If it’s raining like it has been I wear weather proof nylon sweat pants and jacket. My shoes are not so dressy as I am often dropping off paxs in dirt parking lots or construction areas (not hard to find in Austin).

My wife expects drivers to wear Armoni suits and have a fresh hair cut every day. I asked her if she would give less than 5 stars if someone needed a neck trim and she said yes. I told her that was just plain stupid. Most drivers are scraping by. If she expects that type of drive she needs to hire a limo service, not an Uber driver.

Sums up what riders want, top of the line at cut throat prices.

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I could almost (and I stress “almost”) see expecting it with UberBlack or Select, but anyone who expects that on an X needs a reality check. I don’t want to look like a schlub, but that’s honestly more about enjoying the opportunity to get out of the house and not be in yoga pants than any attempt to impress pax.

Summer is going to suck, don’t think I can handle all those sweaty motherfu getting in my car. Gonna take the summer off I think.

It is spring break so everyone goes to Miami brwch, once there in stuck with minimum rides in traffic. I try to avoid that place even when it is surging.

Tonight is the first nite in all of my years of cab driving that I wore a tee shirt instead of a short-sleeve polo shirt. Had no clean shirts. I feel trashy for wearing this tee, as expected. But it’s comfy.

It got all the way up to 58 degrees here yesterday, felt like summer. I just wore a long sleeved collared shirt and jeans, and black sneakers. It was really the first decent day to go out and really clean the inside of the car in about 8 weeks. It’s very hard to clean windows, uphostery and carpets when it’s below 25 degrees for weeks on end.

City of Houston vehicle inspector said no flip flops or T shirts. But I can’t drive in flip flops anyway. So now I’m in shirts. Was Ts when I was still illegal.

Also, I always keep in mind despite I provide a limo experience in my luxury car, it is twice cheaper than a regular cab and hence it would be unreasonable (if not asinine) to wear a suit with a tie like a limo driver.

The sad part is, I’ve been to the airport several times and seen drivers wearing flannel pajama bottoms. It’s just downright unprofessional

I wear yoga stretch pants (since I’m sitting a long time & sensitive stomach) and usually a nice shirt. AND A smile.

It’s cold outside in Detroit, 13 F and falling. I’m long johns under sweat pants and a t-shirt. I’ll toss on a flannel and leather over that when my next ride hits. I find my pax don’t seem to give a rip about how I dress. They’re more concerned with getting from point A to B in one piece.

Yeah that was great. I also like when he asked C Everett Coop about why some bones grow really quickly and some don’t “That isn’t a bone”

believe it or not, I go for the doing the role thing. I always wear a pair of dress slacks, dress shirt w/tie, and a suit jacket. I just figured if I was going to do this, maybe I should play the role. So, suit and tie is my work uniform. And, I don’t get tips for shit. Maybe $10.00 in six months.

I feel like an ass, but I also wore a suit , white shirt and tie, a habit from my limousine experience. I drove an suv, thought it would help my ratings too. An occasional tip, but I didn’t expect anything from millenial

Warm, shorts and a polo. Not so warm, jeans and a polo. Cold, sweater and jeans, coat if necessary. I did the dress up thing for the first couple of weeks and got nothing for it so I eliminated the dry cleaning bills. Private clients get whatever they are looking for.

Maybe it is something I grew up with . . . If you are going to do a job, do it right. I have no problem playing the role and doing the job. My problem is all Uber.