What do you guys use to hold your phone while driving?

Hello. Guy’s was wondering if you can help me. My question is

What do you guys use to hold your phone while driving. What one do recommend / love.

Bonus point: if I can get it on Amazon :rofl:

*Note: She has the vent one but it always falls.

Thank you. Happy holidays.

Not exactly my model but yes I would recommend, once you get the right location the pop socket keeps it from falling out. Multi-Angle Rotating Car Mount Dash and Windshield Holder Cradle Compatible with Alcatel Idol Mini - Alcatel Jitterbug Smart - Alcatel PIXI Charm - Alcatel Pop 3 - Alcatel Pop Astro

I used a CD mount for years on my 2004 CRV and I loved it. However on my “new” 2012 PriusV, it causes the phone to partially block the screen display so I use a windshield mount that I don’t like nearly as well.

I found one at 5 Below that has choice vent or suction cup that I really like. I’d like one with a wireless charger but for $5?

ha ha good deal for sure. But we dont have those in south Cali. And I don’t want to pay shipping :rofl: but good to know.

I grab this one almost a year ago at the 99cents store for $1.99. Hasn’t failed me yet. And I’ve gone through a WHOLE lot of mounts before.

I also use a ONN (Walmart brand) window mount cradle. The gooseneck stalk is a bit smaller in diameter than my old mount but at $4.88, I’m not complaining.

I have used several of the without any luck. I got one that is attach from the CD player and it has a magnet. That’s the best you can use. Paid $9 on Groupon

If you have a 5 Below near you, I got one that attaches to the vent. It’s magnetic. I had to super glue the metal piece to the back of my phone because the glue didn’t hold but it holds really well.

I use a pop socket, they have their own mount for the car too. Today they’re offering a free mount if you buy the pop socket on their website. They ship fast too!

I’ve had every kind of mount and this is by far the best. The air vent one blocks the air, the cd slot one ruins the CD player, the adhesive that goes on the windshield melted in the summer (Texas) but this bad boy right here has been through it all and it’s going strong. The magnet it super strong too.

Haven’t read through all the comments, so sorry if this is repeat, but I have a magnetic one that I love, I got from Walmart, 20.00’ish

Not only is the pop socket have multiple used like a better grip on your phone. It turns your phone into a kick stand for watch videos and with the mount. It takes less then a second to attach to the mount and its legal since it’s not attached to your window and the pop socket spins on the mountain so you can go horizontal as well as vertical. Best investment ever.

This is my favorite. The back attaches to your vent & the front magnetically attaches to the back of your phone, either directly or with the small steel plate (included) that you stick to the back of your phone. Pull on pull off that’s it.

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I got this at Walmart but you can get them on Amazon I believe and this is been the best thing that I have ever gotten myself