What do you do on your "Dead time"?

I live smack dab in the center of my college town. When it’s busy, I rarely have down time and will hang out at Sheetz for coffee if I get a few mins. But during breaks when request can come in Barry once an he, I’ll sit at home sipping tea and go do a quick run and return home until the next one. I’m not sitting at a gas parking lot for 45 mins when home is 1 mile away and I can be comfy there

I normally drive weekend nights. When it’s dead I go to a 711 get something to drink and sit in my car playing games on my phone.

I use the time for all kinds of productive things. I go to the gym, take care of my daily emails, run quick errands. Anything I can do w/ the app on in case a request comes through but that I need to do anyway.

I have a small and efficient laptop, sometimes I will park in a place with wifi and do whatever I need to do for my normal jobs.

I also have a handheld MURS/GPRS rig (like CB without the cursing truckers) and you can have fun with that all night. If you can’t make money in your downtime, might as well ride your hobby.

I usually do not have dead time, especially in Los Angeles and Orange County! The phone is always pinging. However, on the rare occasion that I do have down time, I contemplate why I became a Fuber (taxi) driver. Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit insane.

I only Uber part-time. I’ve never tried it full-time, but I think I might try an experiment when I get some time off. I’ll work an 8-hr. day, for five days in a row (40 hours). And see how much I make.

As I understand UberEATS and Uber can not be done at the same time. You can do Uber/Lyft, or UberEATS/Lyft. I just do Uber. I get requests all day long. Just have to know where and what time to drive.

You can. In fact, I had to have my accounts separated out as I kept getting uber eats pings will sitting in a busy surge area for driving. It was terribly annoying. Unless they changed it, my initial account had X, Select and Eats…so I would get pings from all of them.

Aww, dude, put down the razor and we’ll all have a group hug. Better yet, throw away your razor and buy a tazer! It’s the pax that are a good half of our trouble, anyhow…

You will notice, she’s not actually zapping them yet. She’s gesturing with it menacingly and making it crackle. Kinda like when you’re making gumbo and you want it hot, you shake that pepper over the pot.

Maybe it’s just me, but most of these escalations are the fault of the driver. If you can’t deal with assholes or diffuse situations, this is probably not the gig for you. Some people just can’t avoid confrontation… these people should not be driving strangers around. I’ve had my share of a-holes and drunks, but I have always found a way to diffuse the situation. Plus I am hyper aware of my situation and surroundings.

I usually play with my G.I. Joe, its a lot of fun, you can play with it whenever you want, I don’t mind sharing, If you make it really happy then I can reward you as well, would cut your woes about making money during dead time

What’s this “dead time” you all talk about? If you mean the maybe 10 minutes between pings I enjoy regularly, well I don’t know much of anything I can really accomplish in that time.

McDonalds starting pay is $10hr with benifits, paid time off, vacations, and help with college tuition. Uber, none of that, so quit and get a real job. Uber is a joke!

If it is before 7 p.m. go to the carwash they have 8 locations in my city for my $19.95 monthly unlimited fee. Get fuel. Get a drink.
Going to bathroom or getting food always produces an instant ping.