What do you do in idle time? Wait at one place or drive around?

Thoughts Uber and Lyft drivers???
Is is better to drive around waiting for a ride or staying in place???

Think about that for a minute which one cost you money and wear and tear on your vehicle?

I mean that’s obvious yes, but was just curious of all opinions…some may see differently.

I struggle with this a lot. If I stay in one place I save gas money, but at the same time staying put restricts the number of possible ride requests.

Moving around also restricts the number of trip request you can get think of you move a hundred yards away now somebody else is closer to the person that would have gotten you.

Unless those hundred yards puts me closer to a fare that someone else would have gotten if I hadn’t moved.

It’s a rough catch 22

I don’t usually have a problem w/ getting rides. Usually, I have a request before the current ride is over. BUT if I do wait. I find a place where I think it will be busy and wait. If I haven’t gotten a ride within 15min I find another place to wait. I like that way b/c 1. I’m not staying the entire time in a place w/ no requests but 2. I’m not wasting my gas driving around

I never stay in one place, I’m always moving. I have a route I take that depends on what time it is. And what part of the city I end up in. But I’m usually busy when I’m working, either I get my next ride before my last one is up or it may take 10 or 15 minutes rarely does it take 30 min. I never sit at the airport, it’s a waste of time.

Keep driving. Riders can’t request you if you’re​ not near them. You can’t expect to get a ton of requests just from a small area.

Depends where you’re sitting. You don’t want to sit in the bar area at 9 o’clock in the morning and you don’t want to be in the suburbs at 2 o’clock in the morning gotta be smart about it.

Depends on time of day; mornings, I have to drive around. Nights, I could stay in one place. I either find a hotspot in the city or go to the airport. The airport seems like consistent rides throughout day and night.

Uber is a people moving service. So, wait where the most people are likely to be on the move…and then wait for a ping. Knowing your area is invaluable. I don’t like to waste time in customarily dead areas.

Depends, if you’re new you’ll need to go through normal business growing pains of finding where your local demand is. After that, you find your fishing hole and set up!

I never sit unless I’m at the airport. Total waste of time. I can always find a ride. While you’re sitting in one spot, the driver that’s moving is getting your rides.