What are the guidelines for Uber X?

I had a pick up go awry Saturday night which brings about a question. I have a 2010 Explorer with no back row seating. I am listed as Uber X but apparently that means seating for 1-6 people. I have room for 4 people plus myself yet this pick up rolled out 5 people. The girl who sent out the request was a bit perturbed when I said I couldn’t take them all.

Uberx is suppose to be 1-4 people. Xl is rated 4-6/7 people. And since your not rated as xl I woulda done the same thing. Also… never take more people then seat belts as I’m sure from this post that you already know

I have a Toyota Sienna. So I can carry 7 others plus me. Always get great tips in my box when my ride is full. And yes I have seat belts for everyone :slight_smile:

The job has been interesting to say the least. Only 2 really bad drunks thus far but no one too belligerent.

The girl probably knew she would have to pay the higher fare for the XL, so she thought she could get away with ordering an X. I’ve had that happen a couple of times where someone would order an X to try to get the cheaper fare and they get mad because I would cancel them and tell them to order XL

I would think that if you arrived at the pickup location and found out there were too many riders, then you would get a cancellation fee, IF the reason you pick is “too many riders”. When that happened to me, I didn’t pay attention to what the payout was, if any. This happened to me late last spring when I first started driving.

I think some folks gamble in hopes of getting an XL through an X request but like I’ve read, the driver can adjust that later with Uber. I’ve had someone call me to ask if I had room for 5 (I don’t), then they cancelled :woman_shrugging:t3:

I know I’m saying if you do get a call like this and have a vehicle that qualifies for this platform the trip can be converted at the end when you report to Uber they make the fare adjustments in minutes.

I drive a 2016 Kia Forte…hardly an XL. What I was saying is the girl could have been trying to save money by ordering X and hoping the driver wouldn’t notice.

There is so much to learn on this. I’d have no idea how to change it from Uber to Uber X or XL. So, if someone orders Uber and they come out with 3 I should switch it to Uber X?

people order a X with five people and try to game the system thinking the driver doesn’t know the difference.

I make sure that they at least enter their final stop. My take on that is if they enter each stop one by one, when you get close to each stop, you may get another request when you are not ready for it, which you would then have to ignore because you still will have your current pax for a while longer, which affects your acceptance rate.

Yes and no, it’s not necessary but it’s better to track each stop in case the rider wants to dispute the fare.

Riders can change their destination up to 5-7 times per trip. However this doesn’t apply to uberPool service if it’s available in your market.

You probably fall under the XL platform but check with your market’s platform requirements. But you are eligible to do the adjustment on fares when a rider tries to pull a fast one.

I drive a vehicle that holds 8 total people (with seatbelts for all 8) so I can carry up to 7 passengers. I am eligible to drive Uber 'X + Uber XL. That’s not really the point of the original question though I think. A rider makes a choice when they book if they want to pay for a vehicle that can hold up.to 4 people (Uber X) or a.vehicle that can hold up to 6 passengers (Uber XL). Just because a vehicle pulls up that.can hold more people doesn’t mean the rider adds more people in without paying more…(cancelling and requesting Uber XL instead). The reason I say this is because I could be making more money by another passenger that wants to book an XL instead. The riders are taking advantage of drivers and drivers are jist.letting them. I always say “You teach people how to treat you.”

I drive a Yukon Hybrid and a Dodge Journey both have 3rd row seating.I like when 1-4 people fare chooses XL. It happens a lot.don’t know why they would do it but hey I’m not going to ask. Had 3 guys once and 2 of them were in a relationship… anyway one sat in the 3rd row one sat in the backseat and the third asked me if I minded him sitting up front lol. Very strange but ok. They were nice lol. Fine be me if you want to pay $30 for a ride instead of $20