What are peoples feelings on tip jars?

I am a new driver in a fairly small market in the Topeka / Lawrence Kansas area. I have a question…I am not comfortable putting one out, but nobody tips either. I had several rides last night that were short and under $5. A small tip would have been nice if they could simply because I more than likely missed out on a more lucrative ride. I know the pax doesn’t know this…but it was what I thinking. And I have gotten all 5 star ratings with both Uber and Lyft so I was just curious what it’s like for you?

No dont put a small jar, assholes would rate you bad because of it, sadly we have no control over prices, we just want get payed for our work we dont beg for tip, we just want get payed fairly, or just work with the cheap prices wishing for tips

Don’t expect tips most people use uber because they have no vehicle so they use multiple times a day they won’t tip every time. Tip jars are just tacky IMO both apps offer the ability to tip. If they want to give you cash tip they’ll hand it to you. I went 13 rides without getting one tip before and last night 6/12 tipped it’s just depends on who you pick up.

Tip jars ARE tacky…I don’t like to see them at drive thru windows!! Most of my afternoon rides (small market) are kids going to and from work. They are between $5 - $7 … suck it up! Take the good with the not-so-good, so to speak.

Tip jars are the worst thing for 2 reasons. It makes you look desperate, and it is unneccecary because they can tip in the app.

.you all are saying what I was thinking. Tips jars are not a good idea…thank God! I just didn’t want to be the only idiot out that wasn’t using one. I usually have cold water and always mints. So far it’s been a blast! Gets me out of the house and talking to some nice people!

Tips are not common in this industry IN MOST AREAS. Tips jars are for beggars but if you do it and it works, why not? Its just not for me.

Each market is different. My opinion is to try it out and be sure it looks professional and not in their face.

My strategy is a small stack of bills. No sign needed. Reverse psychology.

Bottom line is you should expect about it 10% of your earnings.

With very few rides you won’t be able to gauge if your rating is affected by the tip jar as your rating will be all over the place until you hit about 500 rides.

At times when when the ride goes well. I’ll ask the pax “ if you could rate me that really helps me out “ usually get 5 stars and a tip.

Considering that the App allows tipping and Taxis have always been a job where tipping was expected, I don’t think a tip jar is necessary. In fact, as a rider I would think it as being somewhat pushy.

put a few dollar bills in your drink cup area up front so it can be seen. Mention in a story about how wonderful it was for joe blow to tip you that time. I do agree with the phrase you have been 5 star people please rate me with five stars too

doing something right with the ratings for suer…as far as tipping goes, its a slippery slope…some good, some bad, but its really up to you.

Never keep money out where passengers can see it. People get robbed that way.
Passengers know they should tip but most do not. But for some odd reason, most will say … I’ll just tip you in the app … but don’t count on that.