What affects acceptance ratings?

I had a not so good night to night. If I call or text the current rider it calls and texts the previous rider. A couple of riders cancelled on me and I cancelled on 1 because we could not communicate with each other. They probably dropped the pin wrong and there was no way we could call or text each other.
If we do not accept when the it pings and/or I cancel the ride or the rider cancels the ride. Does anyone know?

Uber needs to put the minimum acceptance rate and the maximum rejection rate in writing… and the minimum driver rating for each market. Grey areas abound with Uber, how many is too many? it is not clear. What do you do about pings 19 minutes away? How about pax with bullshit names? pax with extremely low ratings?

I totally agree. They need to shed some light into this grey area for the drivers. I know for a fact If I accept a client with a rating below 4 (like 3.9), it will be an unpleasant ride guaranteed, something will go wrong somewhere or I will get a bad rating too.

Tell them that you, on the other hand, take your car and your ratings very seriously. You will be happy to stop rejecting passengers when they stop sending you pings from undesirable low rated customers.

One of the reasons people prefer uber over taxis is the rapid response when a booking is made. Thats why uber whinge when acceptance rates drop. The best way to screw with is to not accept pings due to distance or rider low ratings.

I’d just write them back and tell them you don’t take rider with a rating below 4.0. What’s the point of making us rate riders otherwise? Uber certainly doesn’t cut riders in the bottom rated 10% like they do drivers.

I got a ping on Halloween from the other side of a toll bridge ($1.75 toll at the time). 15 minute drive if I take that bridge, 25 minutes to go around. Was not going to pay $1.75 additional out of pocket to get to a fare.

If no rider should have to ride with a driver with a 4.6 or less. Then no driver should have to accept a request with a rider of 4.6 or less.

customer may not like a,10x surge, but I sure the hell do. I have no issue accepting those rides :wink: tell them bring the rate up and your acceptance rate will increase too.

it’s my experience that any email such as this should be replied to. They may assume you’re cherry picking trips however Uber should be made aware that the pax star rating is a big consideration for drivers.

I drive UberPlus, and I originally signed on to earn 2.35 per mile minus ubers cut. I was unpleasantly surprised when I found out that 90% of the trips that were coming to me were uberx and not plus. I tried all kinds of tactics to get more plus orders like going to the richest areas, or going to the fancy clubs, and so many things, but out of every 20 trips I get 1 maybe 2 plus orders max.

I guess I must be in the minority. I never look at passenger rating. Most of my non-acceptances come from when I have just , oh say turned S bound on a freeway,with the nearest off ramp a mile or more from me, in busy traffic and the ping is in the opposite direction.

After convincing people to drive for them because of the “Flexibility and Freedom” it provides, it goes against that publicly stated condition and then try’s to strong arm drivers to work at a monetary loss or worse take risks to get to riders.

I accept 100% pings from Uber and then when I have time to discern the pick up location, pax rating, my position in relation to the call, etc. then I decide if I want it or not. If I don’t I just cancel the trip.

If you don’t want to accept UberX pings, you can opt out of UberX and only receive Plus pings. You have to contact support and have this done manually at this point.

Totally agree. I got a request and it said it would take me 68 minutes to get there. Why in the world would I accept this??? Yes I live in the boonies but no one would ever possibly accept that ride.