We're IC's and we can do as we please in our own cars

I have a rear window graphic in my car that advertises one of my other businesses. I also hand out magnets, business cards, and letter openers if the pax mentions anything about requiring the services of my other businesses. I also hand out Lyft first ride free coupons to my Uber paxs who have never taken a Lyft ride. Each of those that get’s used puts $10 in my pocket. Yes! By all means feel free to hand out brochures, etc.

Uber has no problem with advertising other businesses in your personal vehicle. This question was asked at an open office and they brought up an example of a jewelry salesman that keeps business cards and catalogs in his vehicle. Uber clearly has no issue with it.

Agreed. Uber’s only requirement from an advertising perspective is that the car is not a “marked” vehicle (so no ads on the exterior). Advertising on the interior of the car is fine. There are services likes Driverz Media (full disclosure – I work there) that offer in car advertising services for Uber and Lyft drivers.

I have a full color graphic for one of my businesses on the rear window of my car. I simply PhotoShopped it out when I sent in the photos of my car when I got started with Uber. It’s a great conversation starter, as is my personalized license plate that is a self-deprecating reference.

It’s not “personal” in terms of your personal phone number, this is a business exchange and if your business happens to have your personal number then ??

I’ve been considering that for a long time. What do you think? It’s going to come as a shock to a lot of Uber riders to learn that, even though they believe tips are included, that there are no ****ing tips!

Ha! I’m sure it would be beneficial to some extent but, like you said, some of the possible negative outcomes are concerning (rating decrease, picture taken and sent in, deactivation, etc.)

This is the area where Lyft is so superior to Uber. Plus, Lyft paxs are more pleasant folks, generally speaking. Are you driving for Lyft? If not, you should be. I drive for both.

You can display a counter. Like a flipping notepad with big numbers. And name it. Number of people that made my day today. If asked you say it’s the number of people that took care of you.

I work during the day at my other businesses. But in the evening I’m taking ST patrons to eateries and pubs, so it’s been OK. No, nothing like all the hand-jobbing and hype like we get in the constant and inane texts every few hours from Gideon and his band of clowns at the local office, but it’s been, you know, OK. Last night I accepted 7 pings and ignored 4 because they were behind me. That was over about a 2.5 hour period.

I’ve realized lately that the whole map has been orange at times. I’m wondering if they’re setting it as such to attract drivers into thinking the surge is close without actually crossing over that line?

You can drive anywhere in the US (we will be expanding internationally in the future). Your payment is based on the number of ads displayed as well as how many people interact with those ads (like tapping on the screen to get more info). There is a minimum if $50 in earnings to get paid, but if you don’t reach that within a month it will keep rolling over month to month. If you drive full time (40-50 hours per week) on average you can earn $200 per month.

I have a full color vinyl perf graphic on my rear window advertising one of my other businesses. I just PhotoShopped it out when I sent the photos of my car to Uber when I was getting set up. Having the advertising is a great convo starter with paxs. Why should Uber give a ****? It’s my car.