Well you guys I drove two hours to Canton Ga to face a $235 ticket I got back in May

After arriving late and still waiting an hour the prosecutor pulls me in to a briefing. He offers me a plea deal of $180 fine and a defensive drivers course. I immediately shut it down and politely stated that isn’t going to work for me. He look at me and begin to explain to me the “other options”. He says we can take this to trial and the judge could fine you $1000 and 12 months in jail. I then stated I’m not saying that I’m not guilty nor am I willing to submit an admission of guilt so theres no need for a trial. I would like to enter a Nolo plea and have the fine reduce without points being added to my liscense. He tells me “this is the only offer” (his boss give him orders to follow). Okay sir let’s go back into the courtroom and let the judge decide. While preparing the Nolo sheet he asked me my age and the highest level of education I’ve completed. I responded and no sooner as I completed my response his eye brow raised. I’m now sitting there thinking “oh he thought he was dealing with a dummy” so I throw my shoulders back flipped my hair and was like “anymore questions?” He hand over the sheet and a pen. I placed the pen away from me and slowly begin to read already knowing what it said I just wanted him to know I wasn’t just going to sign anything without reading it first. Long story short we went back to the courtroom I sit there about 15 mins he returned and motioned me to walk outside of the courtroom and said “I had my boss review this because it didn’t seem right, we are willing to accept your Nolo plea if you can pay $150 today” I’m like “Yes sir no problem” paid my fine, no points on my liscense and no defensive drivers course!!! Then I strouted my fine ass out of there like a Boss!! #Winning!!! #Iaintspeedingnomothough

Now see, if you didnt have tthecommon sense , confidence and the know how u would have been doing 12 months! Smh fuck the police! Lol you did right girl

Yasssss he tried me but I held my ground and remained confident. Mind you I had been observing everything in the courtroom for about an hour I knew what he was offering was bogus.

I have to go to court for two separate tickets in August. One for speeding and one for following too closely. Any advice??

Clearly I’m not legal permitted to offer legal advice. But I’d say do your research google other cases and see the outcome. A Nolo isn’t an admission of guilt but it don’t say your not guilty. But my other option was to simply plea guilty and go to trial or no guilty and pay the fine, have points added and take a course. No sir not today!

Yeah, my thought was to go for the speeding ticket (first court date) and see if I can get it dismissed? The solicitor told me to go ahead and take a defensive driving course before the court date. And then plead nolo at the second court date for following too closely.

A speeding ticket 22mph over. Like he was trying to scare me. Although that was a possibility the chances of the judge giving me that amount of time for speeding was very low he just wanted me to take the plea and pay more money. That class like $75-100

These small towns try to get over because they want to make extra money! They try to extort you in the process, kudos to you for standing up for yourself

I was told when I received a ticket doing 20+… if your going 20+ over, it’s considered wreckless driving. That’s why it would’ve been that time in jail.

You lost and your insurance is about to go up; it’s on your record period; you could have motion for a dismiss; the police officer was not there; that’s why the DA asked for a deal; you fell for it - :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yes it is - why did you not ask for a motion to dismiss? :man_shrugging:t4: - ask for proof of speeding - ask when was the last time the officer was rectified to use speed detection; asked for video; asked for how many speeders did he pull over that day; was it heavy traffic; etc…

Anyone can beat a speeding ticket specially doing heavy traffic; the police don’t know which car is truly speeding. They guess; that’s why they always say you was doing 90 but I will cut you a break and just say 80 - :man_shrugging:t4: they don’t know your true speed

Please if your are gonna post to discourage everyone else (clearly not me) please provide facts to support your statement because my insurance has never been affected by a ticket I am also not racking up tickets soo maybe you know better than me.

My strategy and it had not failed me yet…pay up-charge for a non moving violation, no points, and no record. Yes its documented somewhere but when My record is pulled… Nothing, I mean nothing shows. Its all about the money… One time up-charge vs 3 years insurance points is a winner

Back in NC we had a “prayer for judgment” . plead guilty but ASK for mercy… Its stricken from record. Fine doesn’t go away. 1 time only as well.

If you a lyft driver prepare for deactivation when they run your background again sister. No points don’t matter as it still shows your on your record. Learned this the hard way.

Not all situations are the same. I don’t know what your offense was though I was 22 over its was reduced to 18 and I paid a $150 which meant no points and no class anything over 20 requires that class. Your situation isn’t the same as mine therefore you shouldn’t speak in definite facts if you don’t know what would happen for sure. Like I’ve said to the others let’s wait and see. I’ll be sure to post an update since my insurance is actually up for renewal. I’m not worried about Lyft. Until someone can say they was deactivated for the exact same reason then maybe!

My offense is listed right there 21-24 over the speed limit it was the EXACT same case as yours. I didn’t take a class and I only paid 100 bucks as I plead nolo hence why no points were added. My insurance however never increased so that part definitely varies as I’ve paid the same rate with no increases. I hope they don’t but just a warning as it came so unexpected to me. I got and settled that issue in June and didn’t get my deactivation until November as that’s when they ran me again. Good luck!

Wait a minute now :joy::joy: you be kicking folks out :weary::weary: I’m off this subject now I’m curious I have been seeing a lot of kicking folks out in here lately and I honestly never knew that happened as much as it does

I don’t tolerate blatant disrespect I’ve only had two incidents over the year and a half I’ve been on the platform. One was a male I canceled him mid ride and another was a female I dropped her off within her complex but she had to get out because she was feeling her self and I didn’t want to have to lay hands on her so I stopped and made her get out. Both were disrespectful even as I was trying to be nice. I contacted Lyft and still got paid for the ride. It’s not what you do it’s how you do it. I’m not just kicking folks out becuase I’m petty and want a few likes; that’s not how a real boss do business.