Well this is my good bye post

I want to say thanks to everyone for everything. Lyft deactivated be and here is the reason. I got a ping the other morning get there to pick person up as I went to get out of the car my shoe broke. Opend the trunk barefooted explained my shoe broke pax said no problem. Then the wrong address was put in and of course that was my fault pax missed their flight lied to lyft that was the end of it. Not aloud to say a word lyft passed sentence without allowing me to defend anything that happened. but thanks again everyone

I was hopeful that uber might work out better for you. Sorry to hear that you were deactivated without getting to share your side with Lyft.

Maybe try some of the delivery services? Postmates,door dash, grub hub or something like that? No passengers to worry about. Take food drop it off be on your way to next delivery.

Oh man sry to hear that. It is messed up how easy they can just deactivate you for something like that.

I would go to a Lyft office and plead your case to someone in person. Think about it. They know what address was entered. They know the route you took. It will be obvious the pax lied, you just gotta talk to someone in person and make them do the research.

when i can get to the hub which is in orlando i will do that it’s 4 hours away from me

Try commenting on their social media, companies don’t like have negativity on their social media. Would definitely increase response time.

And if you don’t do something, not only are you screwed but it screws everyone else 'cause nothing will change. Good luck!

I’ll find out how to contact them by phone and let you know how. I’ve actually talked to someone before

Go to your dash board click help, then click help center, then scroll all the way down and click need something else, then right under it, it says contact support. Then it’s going to ask you for subject and in another box it’s going to ask what can we help you with. Select your choices .then it going to give a option to have them call you back. They will contact you within next 24 hours usually doesn’t take no more than a few min though

don’t trip because u make more doing food deliveries anyway and better tips. No dealing with bullshit passengers trashing ur car, false complaints an unfair ratings. This is my last week. Not deactivated but I’m quitting after this week.

Didn’t you ask the pax to confirm their destination?
If you knew they were going to the airport then drive them there. Sorry to be negative on your situation but it seems you should have just gone to the airport regardless of what the navigation was saying. If your pax wanted to go to the airport then take them there. You get paid for mileage driven not going to where the nav says.

I would never set myself up like that. Pax are always looking for a free ride by complaining. Ex if you go off the route this gives the pax the opportunity to lie an say you took them to the wrong destination. If my pax wants to me to go somewhere else they need to change it in the app. This protects you from false allegations because Lyft can see the original destination and changed destinations.

You really should try uber. I prefer uber over Lyft. Uber has much more action than Lyft where I reside. Just don’t accept uberPOOL requests and don’t sign up for uberEATS.

Incorrect addresses happen all the time and we can’t be blamed if the passenger cut the timing so close that a simple error caused them to miss their flight. If they were cutting it that close chances are they would have missed their flight even without a slight detour. Why did they deactivate you for this? I could understand them giving you one star or whatever but why would LYFT Deactivate you? Are you sure it’s permanent? I’m just trying to understand because this doesn’t seem to make sense.

It would be a huge improvement if the Lyft app showed the city when the driver accepted the ride. But that would make sense. And it gives them one more thing to blame on the drivers.