Well guess I'll be applying to Chettas!

Stripper from Chettas just told me she made $1,655 tonight! She tipped me in ALL the small bills she had! I didn’t take her pix well ya know why! $66 tip $4 meal from Wendy’s $25 trip! For a tip like This…hell, I’d grab the money out that booty crack lol. Probs a whole lot cleaner than some of the soggy, crusty cash people hand over :joy:

Situations like this we should be allowed to post pics because she has to be bad to make that in a night!!! Get money baby! Still spends the same😎Now you need 608.00 more…lol

damn he ain’t a friend. What kind of friend lets their friend spend $3000 at a strip club and still ain’t get ass?? I’d be leaving his dumb ass in the club.

LOL. Get some cams and we can set you up with a hosting site or have someone build your own website with the e-commerce portion built into the back end

WordPress is like a child’s first puzzle… So easy to build. But I think a subscription service is a little more detailed than PayPal can handle. But they will need PayPal for additional fees like special requests. Plus a hosting site already has a customer porn data base… You don’t have to hustle as hard to get your clientele

Ummm if she’s at a strip Club talking about these tips are “blessings” she might need to meet with her pastor first thing in the morning. I’m just saying. Oh and bring some $1’s for that building fund.

Imma need Morris Pulliam tell us the truth about what he really be doing👀. Was it really a stripper or have you been doing a lil shake dance?

But I have morals…I’d feeling offended…shit ill end up crying for 4 days because someone stuck me a 5$ bill in my ass crack.:joy:

Lol at this particular club there is a absolutely no touching policy. Like :dancer:t3::policeman:t4::walking_man:t4:… but I understand where you coming from!

My naked body should be seen and touched by my man.and only him.I am glad there are some beautiful strippers though.i Def support! :relaxed::laughing:

thats what I’m talking about!!! How ever these clubs are non-nude! But what happens in VIP :man_shrugging:t4::man_shrugging:t4::man_shrugging:t4::man_shrugging:t4: lol Damm at this point fuck my morals I’m about to pop a molly and dance… for my life