WEEK #4 NOW on my "Background Check"

… BULLS@#T. Every single email that I send to Uber comes back with the exact verbatim reply so it is obvious that our emails are not being read by Uber support. I was even able to contact Uber support on the phone yesterday and talked personally with somebody and she assured me that she would take care of it yesterday. Well obviously it is not taken care of today. Mind you I have worked for Uber for a year and have completed over 1,000 trips and have made that company thousands upon thousands of dollars and nobody can help me. And I have also passed three other background checks in different cities with Uber within two hours of them even beginning. And now I am on week 4? And nobody will help me.

And for the record, I have never had a speeding ticket, I have never been arrested and I am honorably discharged from the Air Force. You tell me why it’s taking me for weeks to get a background check? Because somebody has done something during the upload process that is wrong and they will not fix it for some reason.

don’t bother checkr is about as good as uber I’m in the same boat it’s rediculous meanwhile I just do lyft I even did my own background check and sent it to uber and checkr and nothing

Hahaha…funny. One would think that though. Just met 3 people in San Luis Obispo that got approved this past week in 3 hrs.

They have a phone number u can call to talk with someone. Uber said my background heck was “processing” but it didnt look like it… I called checr and they started a new background check for me that cleared in a few days.

The entire system is automated even when they give you the impression that if you hit number one, two, or three you will actually be able to talk to somebody. All it did was take me to their site at applicant. Checkr. com… so I did that about 14 times and all it told me was that my background check is still pending. If you can tell me a way to actually speak to a human being at that company I would be more than gracious in thanking you.

They have a number for the sales dept on main page lol maybe they can get you to a real person?

Man that just sucks. I emailed chekr after a month and come to find out they imputed my drivers license number wrong but they replied quickly. And 2 days later i was driving

Is your checkr background check actually finished and Uber denied you or is it still pending/processing?

I know your frustration. But I went to a greenlight hub and the rep flat out told me that email customer service sucks and will probably not be much help. They seem to pick out certain works and send a generic answer instead of answering your question.

It took Uber 3 months to approve me! I was told the county that I live in is slow to return background checks. A lot different aspects play into your background check, like if you have lived in and had a drivers license in multiple states, or even the county or state you live in has a back log of background checks! No matter how many time I went to the Hub or contacted Uber or checkr there was only so much they could do to help me!

I did my own background check and drivers license check and gave it to both numbnuts

Well unfortunately that is not going to get me on the road if you know what I mean. I have had 3 background checks through these companies in the past one year and all three of them came back within one day. Two of them came back within 2 hours. So bogus. Of anybody in the history of the United States, I am the one person that is least likely to have an extended background check needed.