We should use the flexibility of Uber to look for something else

With the highest gas prices in the country and some of the lowest rates ( not quite as bad as some but in the bottom 3rd), horrible traffic, high cost of living etc. you will find uber x falls very short of the extremely deceptive advertising and claims they make. A lot of it is just outright lies.

When stuck in LA, I start calling or texting PAX that I need to go south and if they are going the same way. If not, I ask them to cancel and request another driver. Tell them you need to pick up your kid, sister, etc.

If you’ve got the guts for it, you might find it allot less stressful to drive at night. I prefer the graveyard shift myself. Then again Toronto and LA are two different animals.

Your $4 fare is actually $2.40 in your pocket. Factoring your gas and far you had to drive to get to the PAX it is less than $2.40. You will make more money working at McDonalds than for Uber.

The truth about Uber Driving is that it is really a $7/hr in come. Good day $10/hr.

I am a professional mature adult with a family and a good 9-5. Thought Uber would put a little extra in my pocket. I WAS WRONG!! It is a scam. All the drivers on line, on youtube and such saying how great it is are trying to get people to sign up as drivers so they can pocket the referral.

You started two years too late. The rate cuts have made driving for Uber a losing proposition. Your not doing anything wrong, except trying to win at a rigged game you can’t win.

I’m facing the exact same problem you are. Before the rates dropped in Houston, I was able to specifically target 4am-9am to get those long distance fares. But since they dropped the rates, it prevents me from being able to afford the commute back to the spot where the long fares are. So basically I just don’t drive anymore. No choice. Uber sucks.

I kinda do the same as you…I don’t like to driver in Hollywood or west hollywood usually when I end up there I head back to dtla I rather have 8 empty miles then spend 2 hours giving these self entitled weho and hollywood residents 4 block rides because it’s to hot for them to walk

What you did wrong was quitting your previous job, and buying into Uber’s fluffy unicorns and gold colored rainbows. Now the question arises, how long do you think your car will last doing full time Taxi work, and the repairs it will constantly need.

$18 per hour after taxes is NOT Going to happen. It’s more like $ 7-8. Do the Uber math for the days you already drove. That’s exactly what Uber counts on. People who can’t or don’t actually sit down and calculate earnings minus expenses and the time and miles it takes.

I get those same rides as well. Going from beach cities (Redondo/Hermosa/Manhattan beach) bars to Long Beach or LA. But can’t seem to get any fares back to my beach cities. BTW, I did this part time (been taking a break for 3 weeks now).

I still have my full-time day job until I get laid off. Applied to other part-time jobs (non-driving) with no success because of my unflexible schedule (my full time job is a fixed schedule that can’t be deviated).

Forgive if I’m wrong. I recall reading that you were a waiter or waitress. At least you get tips. That’s the sad reality of working in LA among other places is the absence of good middle class jobs. It’s not a matter of how hard you work. Nowadays it’s a matter of who you know.

The only people who should be driving for Uber full time are those people who lost their job and haven’t found a new one yet. Uber is NOT setup for someone to make a living long term.

It’s not just the issue of how little you make, but also the issue of not having access to any social safety nets. If you expect to be out of work for a long period of time, you’d be better off spending that downtime working at McDonald’s for minimum wage, as you benefit from things like overtime pay, unemployment, workers comp, social security, etc…

When she asks them to cancel, her cancellation rate is going down, not up. I always get the PAX response, “but I don’t want to be charged a cancellation fee!” Which I let them know that I have not moved and therefore the ETA has not started.

Currently in school working on my funeral directors lisence but I’m a long way off. I’ve nannied for 9 years but I just can’t do it anymore I’m burned out. The money is excellent but the kids have ruined me mentally I just can’t.