We need stiffer cancelation charges

So!! I turn on 7:00 am Monday morning and I get pinged!! 25 minute pick up!! I accept and they cancel. So they ping again I accept and proceed to the pick up. 1 minute from arrival… Pax Cancels!!:rage::rage::rage::rage: that just kilt my peek hour pick up average!! And it was raining!!! Specially if it’s more than 15 minutes from the drivers location when requested. I know this won’t change, but this kinda stuff throws you’re whole day off. I’m Just venting!! Y’all stay safe and have a better than blessed week!!:v:t3::v:t3::blue_car::fire_engine::hugs::taxi:

Agree 100% if we are going to take the time to drive that distance, we should be compensated more than a little cancellation fee…like you said though, never going to happen.

Happened to me too on the parkway trying to get back to my home area so I can get home get a pig turn around to go get her gets canceled get back to head home here it goes again I accept and she cancelled then a few moments later comes up again I accept and then I cancel

I know I know I don’t win that goes against me but you know what sometimes you have to bite the bullet and show them hey now you’re not going to get nobody you mope

No they need to do something about it. My first two pings tonight were 20 minutes away and they cancelled twice

I’ll get pings for Lyft clear across the county. They are at least 20 miles away. I stopped accepting them, cause they cancel anyways.

I got to the point that i would accept them and then ignore the run. Then it didn’t effect my “acceptances rate”. But now I dont even turn on lyft and making double the money with uber.

Similarly, I arrived at a passengers pickup loc. I waited, texted, called… no response so I left after the five minutes. I drive away and 2 minutes later I get requested again, same pax and location. I pulled over and called him, no answer… I canceled HIM!

Didn’t ask for you’re opinion. I made a statement. That’s what this platform is for. Thanks!!! That’s the best you could come up with!!:joy::joy: Yes!! I’m Big And Black at that!!:rofl::rofl: I love ass holes!!like you!! You’re mother surely screwed you up as a kid!! But I won’t even dignify dumb asses such as you’re self!! May u get what u deserve one day!! And that’s a reality check!! So :fu:t5: you and have a nice day!!

I was actually trying to give you a tip that has helped me be a full time Uber driver for over a year now but don’t take my advice, keep driving 10+ miles for 0.00 I’ll admit my delivery of said advice sucked and was snippy. Sorry, I’m pissy this morning.

I totally agree. This happens all of the time in my market, which is why I hardly ever drive Lyft…not to mention the $2500 insurance deductible if you get in an accident. “Comon Lyft, get your act together!”

Had it happen to me 4 times in a row once. Same pax, same pickup. The pin showed he was basically on top of me EVERY time. Made me wonder if he was watching me and doing it on purpose.

They should charge 25% of the fare at the time of booking… If the pickup time is too long, give them 30 seconds to cancel, after that time that money goes to your driver if you cancel.

Long distance pings should have an additional fee…

(I can dream, right? )

If you want to control your maximum pickup distance or pax ratings that you’ll accept, try Mystro Driver. They are now offering a 30 day free trial. They don’t ask for a credit card. This puts you in control and not the separate Uber and Lyft apps. I beta tested it and now use it as a paid subscription. In my opinion a great investment. It automatically accepts calls 10 minutes out from my current location and only pax 3.8 and above.(These are my settings) It will still ask for example if I get a call 15 minutes out, I have the option to accept or not. Safer because the app does more of the work for you so you can focus more on driving.

Also you can choose to run only Uber or Lyft, have one turn on 1 to 30 minutes after the other or have them both turn on at the same time. Does not affect pay and does not in danger your account.

They are working on it, however they’ve been saying this since I beta tested it back in February. If you go to their website I believe they have a sign up link for iPhone users so when it comes out you’ll get a notification.

First mistake you accepted a ride 25 minutes away. After you accepted it, you should of called the passenger, telling them you’re 25 minutes away and it’d be better off if they cancel and request somebody that’s closer to them. If they requested and you got them again just accept it and do not go toward them Drive the opposite direction. Let them cancel and collect your fee.

I agree my friend but it was my 1st request of a brand new week. And I didn’t want to start off with a negative acceptance rate. But I didn’t think about calling. I’ll use that next time.

Today lots of people were cancelling cause uber was charging high surges…they rip their riders on holidays and rainy days. And their it goes our tips…cause we charged them to.much…lol… some where calling pool even if they were late to work…it.was cheaper

We have a call in downtown st Louis that we often get, 17 minutes away, but worth it. It’s a vehicle processing center for the military, always an airport ride. $35 bucks. I take the long ones because they’re usually going a long way as well.

This is why i call the pax if its more than 10 minutes away cause if they are just going 2 blocks down the road then its not worth it to me. Also if they are more than 10 minutes away i will call and tell them that im the closet driver to them and my eta is x minutes.