We have a snowflake problem.. And they are offended when you call them one too lol

I’m getting really tired of this snowflake generation! I drive a Camry… the fucker has enough leg room, and if you don’t speak up about the temperature of the vehicle you shouldn’t have a right to complain. To my knowledge humans do not yet possess the skills required for telepathy… this is probably the same snowflake that said I was driving too fast. (I didn’t post that nonsense conversation with support but I should haha)

Yeah, sorry, I disagree. Maybe because I’m a woman but people tend to tell me when they need A/C or heat. If they can’t speak up it’s none of my business. This is the difference between libertarian Uber vs socialist Uber. Welcome to hell. As they build a house hold name brand it will only get worse.

Regarding the leg room issue… I once had a rider who couldn’t use her words to ask me to adjust my seat.(I’m 5’2”). She kept passive aggressively kneeing me. I responded to her in her language. I let her know that I was really uncomfortable with her knees being jammed into my back and it could cause an accident if it continued. She slammed my door on the way out but still gave me a tip. The point being you can respect yourself while providing for others without putting yourself in compromising situations. That is how the higher game is played. Don’t burn yourself out by being overly agreeable but recognize there are others in the car. For safety reasons, you’re the alpha. Everything else is discretionary.

In the spirit of trying to be helpful, maybe lose 75lbs or so, then you could sit closer to the wheel? Voila! More legroom for the paxholes! Just sayin…:grimacing:

Yea, well feel free to show me where a joke isn’t allowed. How bout maybe dealing with all the things that truly aren’t allowed in this group that are posted every day?

U make a good point but have u tried asking the pax if the temp is ok or the music ok, etc. I ask those questions to every pax I drive

I play mostly old school rap, dont like the new stuff as much. But since I drive only fri and sat night by the university I end up playing today’s hip hop

You can plz some of the pax some of the time but not all the pax all the time…There’s always going to be those whiners that no matter what hoops you jump through for them, they’ll always find something to bitch about. FACT

BUY YOUR OWN CAR. Jfc. Broke ass scrubs complain ‘bout everything. They won’t complain when they gotta walk with their feet tho. Ubers pc is trash.

I avoid drunks and anyone under the age of 30. I did receive my first 4 star on Lyft. Yup drunk millennial that I had to put in his place before I long routed his ass. :joy:

Sentra is a huge POS. I had one as a rental and wanted to drive that shit mobile right into a tree but couldn’t get enough speed to cause any damage :joy:

Fuck your leg room and fuck your temperature settings. I freeze your ass out so you don’t puke in my ride. And I’m the one that needs to be comfortable driving, not you.

Hell yeah…I do play along and ask if the temp is comfortable if they are not drunk. Knowing good and well I dont give a damn. If they are drunk, you already know how I get down homeboy. :joy::joy::joy: Blizzard blast in full E F F E C T. To hell with leg room. This is rideshare not RIDETAKEOVER. :joy::joy::joy:

Before I bought my new Fusion I drove a 2018 fiesta. It was tiny. I hated it. When I got 4 pax un my car they’d say, “Whoa, it’s a little tight in here!” And I would just joke with them and tell them I was too broke to buy a real car and they can stick their legs out the window if they wanted to! Ha! No complaints.