We got rear ended by a 17 year old girl who was texting

We were at a stop light. The car has been off the road for 5 weeks (BMW 5 series). It was a real effort but Farmers (her insurance) paid out 5 weeks of loss of income and then another payment of 43 days rental car equivalent (I declined the rental car because Farmers couldnt provide me with a comparable vehicle with livery plates and appropriate commercial insurance). Was it what I wanted? No, but if we add it all up it came to be around $2000 per week we collected. The repair to the car was relatively minor (just shy of $3K).

The car rental is so cheap to add it’s silly not to have it. Assuming no injuries, the worst part of a wreck after the cost is having no car while it’s fixed/replaced.

That sounded nice and all, BUT, I was in a accident while online with Uber with no pax in the car. Guy runs red light and I run right into him. He had State Farm Insurance. Both cars totaled. They determined there insured party was at fault. They paid me the value for my car, over 20 k (I bought this car for 2 k at a police auction) Cha Ching.

It’s amazing so many people who know nothing about the law give legal advice. Insurance professional here. All losses will be paid by the responsible party’s insurance.

I heard about the little girl killed in San Fran, that the responsible party’s insurance denied the claim and Uber made a cash settlement. Verify for yourself though. One question, you’re an insurance professional and you drive for Uber?

There you go. It’s not only the right attorney, but just making the claim and insisting upon it. Anyone can do it, but an attorney can always help you navigate the system. I definitely recommend an attorney if your damages are significant or you are injured in any way.

The little girl in SF was killed before Uber had the automatic coverage during the online but no passenger phase. Everything has been changed because of that, we have a different climate now. Uber has coverage for us during that time.

I thought Uber’s insurance only starts once you accept a fare (ping). You’re still on your own when you have the app on and have not accepted a fare. That was the argument in that San Fran case. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It might move along the repair of your vehicle, but not much else. Most insurance companies have a limit on the number of days for which they will pay for a rental.

If you do repair at the shop that they designate, and that shop takes too long, they will go over that limit. If you take the cheque and go to your own shop, they will pay for a limited time. In some cases, the insurance company just gives you the cheque and tells you to find a place to fix it. The insurance companies have gotten away with that for years.

You’re saying your car is pretty much totaled so I’m guessing she hit you pretty hard? If so I imagine your sorr and it is worth a quick run to the doctor to uphold bodily injury.

That’s seriously bad advice. If you hire a lawyer that encourages you to commit insurance fraud and face prison, you’ve hired a really bad lawyer.

While this may apply in most cases, taking a rental you can’t even use to make income may negate receiving payment, or lesson the payment, for loss of income.

You have the right idea but this isn’t 100% of how it works. PIP/ Med pay does include consideration for lost wages under the policy terms. The term used in the dec page for this coverage is misleading, it is actually a no-fault type coverage offered on the personal auto insurance policy with the intention of avoiding small claim suits.

Yes, you tell them, the claims adjuster that you will also be filing a loss of wages claim. Your a business owner and make your money with your car. Also demand a rental like said.