We are taxi drivers, taxi driving is the one service that's perfectly attuned with concept of working part time

There are periods of incredibly high demand, ie late on a Fri/Saturday night. There are times when the service is brought into peak demand unexpectedly, ie, subway line breaks down, metro strike. There are times when demand is low but a taxi service is still basically a necessity (trips to the airport at 4am).

Taxi driving never should have been a full time business. It was decreed somewhere that it was a full time “job” but that is incredibly uneconomical. When there’s no demand for your typical taxi, your car sits around and depreciates on it’s own while having to cover the high costs of basically running a “business”, licensing insurance etc.

Uber was made to be a part time job because Taxi driving is best suited for that naturally.

However, when I see multi-BILLION dollar companies taking advantage of people, it does frustrate me. Does it seem positive to you that uber has dropped pay rates, but increased the fees and commissions that go straight to them (but you pay taxes on it)? Beware the kisses of an enemy.

Yeah, people who might not want uber collecting their private data or giving out their private phone number. People who might want to be able to leave their own phone on without being called at 3am by the last drunk person they dropped off. Or maybe just people who don’t want to spend the data on their personal phone running uber for hours.

You are 100% proving my point why people that have an hourly employee mindset don’t belong in a job where you don’t get paid by the hour and have no concept of how a commission environment works.

Real estate agents don’t get paid by the hour. They only get paid when they sell a house. So all the hours and hours they do desk time, all the hours they spend on the phones and trying to get listings from sellers and buyers is not paid until a house sells.

Ok, now imagine the seasoned real estate agent being told that s/he would now be getting paid less commission and that her desk fees would be increasing. Imagine that car lot grows from 10 salesmen on the floor to 50. And their commission gets cut on top of oversaturation.

Perhaps those who are advancing the arguments that you mention feel that certain interlocutors are ignoring those arguments. Repeating an argument is a common tactic when the person advancing it thinks that his opponent is ignoring him.

In markets where Uber Taxi is available, it is possible, already, to summon by application someone who has a licence to haul passengers for compensation. This applies, as well, in markets where limousine drivers (Uber Black) must have a licence. In some jurisdictions, even the TNC vehicles must have a licence.

If you were only pointing out what you see, you wouldn’t post the same exact questions to the same member 200 times in one thread. Give me a break! You’re a sad person looking to make everyone else miserable just like you!

Thats exactly what they would do. They wouldn’t keep company that works at the company to complain and b*tch all day every day to everyone who is happy even with the rate cuts. They would do as you stated and MOVE ON

Let’s say I want to figure out my cost driving Uber. So I pay $2 for a coffee and $10 for dinner while driving Uber one night. I get to write that off as $12 in business expense which translate to $6 deduction for the IRS.

You make some really good points. There have been consultants and independent contractors in the service industry forever, but they don’t take the place of in-house experts who can provide historical knowledge, continuity, and cheaper rate for engineering, management or any other highly trained fields. We use contractors and consultants only for short term services on special missions.