We are not medical transport!

Just got told off by Grand mom, cussed out by daughter, and my job threatened by the company who ordered the ride! All because I’m not siting at dialysis with this lady! I am sure Aetna uses a third party for transport, but what Aetna probably does not know is that the third party company is subsourcing the transport out to Uber. Because AETNA knows damn well ain’t no Uber driver required to wait and has no liability for patients

I’m wondering how much they are saving from using uber vs a medical transport company, that the state pays for… Uber actually has partnerships like this. It likely isn’t a subcontract.

I was thinking that was a insurance company. But that’s the only name she would give me. I just told her have fun contacting any one at uber on a phone

This was definitely a third party… Uber does not do this kind of transport. Uber themselves have a third party partner for their Medical Transport Venture… These Transports are supposed to be HIPPA compliant if I am not mistaken…it’s not just picking someone up and dropping them off

They really feel like we are supposed to do what they say for that 9 cents a minute. That is dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Talking bout she gone call uber, because we are paid to wait! I asked for the number because I need to ask a few questions myself

You should’ve said, “Lady you play too much” while laughing…tell her have a good day, toot the horn, and drive off Shoot. I’ll let them call my momma and get cursed out 6 ways to Sunday. She can make a sailor blush.

5 min later I was $10 richer lol. She was happy she can now tip uber drivers with out swiping her card on there Squar card thing. She didn’t trust that and wouldn’t tip.

I worked for a company who transported patients… we were paid $10 per hour to wait not .12 per min… Customer crazy…foh!

According to the daughter in her slew of curse words the transport always wait. I don’t think the daughter knew I was a uber driver.

A few months ago I had two old white lady pax (one in a wheelchair) outside a clinic stand outside of my car and stare at me for like 5 minutes, I assumed they were waiting for another member of their party. I rolled down the window and asked them what they were waiting for and they said transport, and I said ‘oh’…not sure sure they meant
Then they were like WELL!..I said what? And they said Let’s Go! All damn entitled… I should’ve drove off right then and there but my immediate reaction was to turn into their damn bellhop.

Hell naw she got 3 good curse words out b4 I passed her mother back the phone! Then the requester called my phone, I guess the daughter called the company

I mean, I’m happy to help someone out if they ask but expecting me to walk them in and wait on them is a whole different ball game.

I have waited for a pax at dialysis before. He asked me nicely & I waited. He did state that another driver wouldn’t wait. I explained to him that most will not & that it is up to the driver. I had lunch & read my book while he received treatment. The ride took me hour from home. I knew I probably wouldn’t wouldn’t get a ride back in that direction. It was a $90 ride. I took him to the Dr 3 times that week. I worked for hospice before moving to GA so I have a spot for old folks & sick people.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more fucked! I really hope this situation happens to me cuz I would love to explain to these ladies how ignorant they are and how they’re possibly getting scammed on their transport provider.

Had the daughter not cursed me all they way out I would of asked if she knew I was uber! But that didn’t register until the company who ordered the ride called my phone.

I was in Michigan and had a scheduled pick up for someone going to the doc W/Lyft and I dropped the pax off. 2 1/2 hrs later my phone rings it’s the pax telling me that’s she’s ready to be picked back up… i told her that she had to call for another ride… I was like an hr from her.

I do medical transport and they are not suppose to use Uber/ Lyft. If you’re actually doing a transport, yes you are paid to wait. It is authorized at the time the appointment is set up.

Months ago I get a POOL ping on Sullivan Rd. I then get a text that you are picking up my father from his dialysis appointment and will need help getting his wheelchair in the car.

I pulled up then text the daughter back. Two minutes later :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

If it says “scheduled pickup,” 99% of the time, it’s been outsourced by a medical “transportation” company for a fraction of what they actually charge the client. Last week, I had a super-deluxe juicy pickup, during rush hour, from Piedmont to Oxford. Whoever called the ride did so from a Piedmont phone. I had no last name, no photo, no clue as to the patient’s condition, and no way to find him. I even enlisted an orderly and a security guard to try and help me find him. They came up with a description and said he might have gone to the other pickup area. I went there, STILL IN HIS RIDE, and saw a guy fitting the description getting into someone else’s car. I called him and he kind of half-smiled and looked like “I can’t hear you.” I spent 30 minutes on that bullshit. Whoever jacked my ride, I don’t appreciate it.

Thata happened to me twice. I dont mind pickimg up patiemts but i hate when they use a company line that hoes to a general directory and i have no clue who to pick up. One lady i drove from Emory to columbus, GA.