Water, candy and doors do not factor in

From my own experience, even the non-talkers appreciate when you bring up topics instead of letting the ride go on in silence. I glance in the mirror occasionally to see if my pax are playing with their pad and phone; if not I converse.

That is really smart and something I don’t do. I’ve had some great conversations in this job which is its #1 perk. I met a show runner from a hit TV show who was fascinating and tonight a really cool lady who retired with her husband on a boat.

I always find I’m better at the end of the shift when I’m less concerned about just getting them there quickly and safely. I still wonder when they rate you. Is it right after the ride or when they sign on the app again? I’m hoping for that next morning poll bump and wonder what causes that.

You’re over analyzing it. Most passengers want to get from A to Z as fast as possible. They want to know that you know how to get to your destination. If they are going to a movie and there is a restaurant nearby. You would say, oh I see your going to the movies, that’s right next door to the red lobster.

All the other things get in the way. Water, gum, mints, chips, hot dogs, lotion, tissues. Those are for the millenials. Normal passengers don’t even want to see that crap. They want a car that’s professional inside. Not looking like a disco club with led lighting or a 7-11 with food products all over the place.

By the way, about five percent of my passengers ever ask for a mint. The Tic Tacs in my center console answer the call neatly and look more like they’re my own personal incidental Tic Tacs than a recently stocked mini bar.

Ratings can come either or and 30 days or more just depends. That’s why it says 35 out of 40 " rated" trips.

Always be happy and friendly. Grumpy guys are creepy. If they want to talk, talk. If they are quite be quite. Have to be flexible on that. If a couple is having a convo between themselves do not interject unless they include you in the convo.

I think you apply a lot of common sense to all of this. It may be the small stuff like asking if the A/C is comfortable when they get in so they feel more like it’s their ride.

My overall rating is a 4.79. I’m ok with it. I’ve had a few rides with awkward silence because I can’t think of any topic to bring up. I think like others here that people want you to know where you are going and want you to be nice. Lots of good advice here.

Don’t sweat your rating too much. Not sure how many rides total you’ve given but after you go over several hundred things start levelling off and your rating doesn’t fluctuate much either way.

The people who low-star you are going to give you a crummy rating regardless of having mints or water available to them. I personally think that keeping yourself well groomed, having a clean car, and getting them from A to B comfortably and efficiently will get you 4s and 5s.

I’ve learned to cover up wrong turns and route errors with confident offhanded remarks like “Wow did you see that traffic” or "I’m just going to head around the block if that’s okay so we’ll be on the right side.

I recently bought a bluetooth ear piece to feed the nav into my head. I get the directions the PAX get the quiet atmosphere with a driver the doesn’t seem to even have to look down at his silent phone for directions.

I never have audio enabled on my GPS, as I think it is hugely annoying. I caught an Uber as a passenger the other day and the driver simply had his phone in the center console and audio directions on loud. I couldnt help myself and told him he should get a proper dash mount, and disable the audio at the start of each trip.

I used to think that too, but the minions who work in at the Denver Uber office assured me that here in CO, they are using the last 200 rides. I will check again.

I think it’s your lack of any music. At least play something in the background. It prevents that awkward silence - especially at a stop light - that just makes everyone uncomfortable. It’s why someone invented elevator music after all.

The whole Uber star rating thing is absolutely ludicrous! Having drunks, rude, inconsiderate and overly demanding people, who are already benefiting from the lower than bus fares ,rate you is a no win situation.