Warning all LYFT and UBER drivers in the state of NY

.If you are not carrying, ride sharing insurance, which is not available in NY state, more over commerical insurance, and happen to get in a accident while u have a passenger in it , will not be covered. I suggest everybody boycott Uber and Lyft cuz they simply don’t care about their drivers and us drivers who get paid barely anything with all the liability and $2,500 deductable, makes us not even worth the risk of driving, let alone the insane low fair rates. I guess we somehow have to know, that we need commercial insurance ahead of time. So much for proper disclosures, and act of good faith in there part shows how truly how much they care. Nothing but greedy companys that don’t give 2 cares about u or the risk involved with the job. We don’t get paid enough to maintain commercial insurance.what so they expect us to do. I’m sure there not anyone out there who carrys commercial insurance and it’s not like these companies will tell there drivers clearly ahead of time until it’s too late. they know if drivers need commercial insurance to operate they would lose too many drivers so they don’t tell u anything till the liability is on your shoulders… scumbag companys only do that to there workers. I feel the risk far outweighs what its actually worth to drive therefore I’m out…

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Wow you’re so smart…way to be like a 2 year old… just wait till it happens to u. The risk far out weighs what its worth…there’s nothing intelligent about your response cuz u know I’m right.

I’m sure more than half of people driving in the state of New York don’t realize the risk they’re putting themselves in without having Commercial Insurance.

If your insurance company new you are picking other people up for money they would drop You Like It’s Hot it is no laughing matter when you’re forced to pay $2,500 cuz somebody files a lawsuit and gets injured in your car. We’ll see who’s laughing then dumb ass.

U have no idea what the fuck ur talking about . Ive had commercial auto insurance for five years. Go away moron!

The state of Colorado does NOT require an “ E “ license to do rideshare. I can drive anybody, anywhere, at anytime and I’m completely legal & insured. My insurance will even cover Uber/ Lyft deductable if I make a claim to Uber/Lyft’ s insurance.
So I suggest that if u really don’t trust or don’t like Uber/ Lyft …then find another company to partner with.

You don’t have to report it to your insurance company. The next time you go up for renewal they will check your records and find it anyway. This is true even if it was not your fault.

So the state of Colorado gave me a buz license , Uber/Lyft activated me to drive and I paid an attorney to set up my buz , but according to YOU, i am operating an illegal buz, I don’t have the proper driving license and have inadequate or zero insurance.
Trust me , it’s all legit. :sunglasses:
Now u go back and crawl under that rock u came from and stop your babbling rants about how “ unfair and dishonest “ Uber is. U should have done your homework before u signed on!! U got nothing to say that anybody cares about!!!
Later!!! :v:

There are a ton of loopholes that they have to avoid paying you. You must put up $2500 up front out of pocket.
Don’t trust these companies. They dont work for the driver. Get commercial insurance and your covered with a much less deductible too

I’m going to reiterate what some other have said. You the driver, a business owner, should have done your homework prior to signing on. I too have a lawyer, an accountant, an LLC, a Business License and I have my own commercial insurance.
My Insurance Agent is family so when I wanted to start driving I went to her, and she read the policies from both companies, both have huge loopholes that are ment to make the driver accountable for everything. She made me get commercial insurance. Talked to my accountant, he told me to get an LLC and a business license to prevent anything from happening to my private assets. So then I talked to my lawyer. He told me the samething, protect your private assets, set my company up that if anything happens like a lawsuit against me, they can only sue the company and me the employee, they cant come after my house, vehicles property etc.
So do yourself a favor, spend some money and get people to help you out. Do your homework before something happens

Folks, he’s talking about Upstate NY. He’s right about not being able to acquire rideshare or commercial insurance for ridesharing.
What I don’t understand is how he’s not covered under Lyft insurance while he had passengers? Did I miss something?

Here’s the thing, if you don’t cause the accident, the deductible doesn’t matter. The party who hit you is responsible for it, not you. I’ve been driving for over 25 years and never caused an accident so it’s not a concern of mine. In fact, the only accidents I’ve ever been in were being rear-ended which demonstrates that not only do I not cause accidents, I’m very good at avoiding them when other people try to cause them. Basically, whatever cost I would pay for full coverage or even uninsured motorist property damage would be better put in a savings account in the very unlikely event that I do cause an accident or get hit by an uninsured driver.

Just had an $812 hit and run while parked at a club picking up a rider on the Uber platform. So much for coverage working for their benefit… All part of the risk.

The only way a hit and run is covered is if you purchase comprehensive insurance. In my state that would add about $200 per month (insurance is insanely high in my state.) So essentially, as long as I go more than four months without a similar incident, I’m better off putting that money in a savings account and just paying out of pocket if I get hit by someone who can’t or won’t pay.
Also, I have a good dash cam so I’d almost definitely have gotten their plates.

RI won’t let us either … I couldn’t get coverage seperate even when I worked dominoes … they covered me when on clock tho

The reason why you are, covered by your work, is due to the fact you were operating such activities in the normal scope of your employment. LYFT and UBER are considered a “platform”. Your are required to know the laws and rules of your state and what insurance is required.

I’m so sick of people that think their opinion matters. Nobody has anything nice to say ever. Personal attacks. Who the hell do you guys think you are? Nobody cares what you think so go back to whatever it is you do and shut up

So let me get this straight… you want to boycott Lyft and Uber because Geico and Progressive don’t offer a product in your market?? Interesting concept! :wink: