Waiting for 30 minutes

How many of you have picked up a Pax in Rideshare and you had only been waiting for 30 minutes or less? However, when you leave and go to exit and have to go to the CASHIER, they tell you that you only get 15 minutes for free? Anything over 15 you have to pay $3?

I have been telling many of the cashiers that the stand alone kiosk only charge $3 after 30 minutes. I have been told I was wrong since October.

I got tired and decided to send an email to the Parking Department Customer Service Manager to ask which one it is. She said FIRST 30 minutes are FREE. No cashier should charge you if it’s under 30 minutes.

The customer service manager wants to be notified if we are being charged and she will need a copy of your receipt.

Where are those that got the income tax refunds. I really miss them I’ve got a vacation next month and they seemed to have slowed thier spending. They were in a frenzy almost maniac!

I work at the airport and that is untrue only the first 15mins are free anything beyond that is $3 and it’s been that way for a while and I’ve been working at the airport for 10+ years. But if the manager says send the receipts then please do so. I would like to know the outcome.

Ok maybe the manager misunderstood her. Now if you prepay for your parking at the kiosk then you get a 30min grace period. Maybe that’s what she is referring to.

When it started both uber and lyft stated the first 15 mins are free… but of course u have the option to cancel for a no show before then…

If you’ve been driving for Uber less than 6 months, this is for you. You should not be waiting on pax for more than 6 minutes. You don’t and aren’t required to. Especially at the airport. Now if you’re x and your pax verifies it’s a 30 mile trip or more, then use wise discretion. If ain’t no stank, definitely not worth the time and money.

This happens because asshole pax want to be big shots and order their Uber as soon as the plane lands and they can turn on their phones. They don’t care that it’s going to take them 30 minutes before they get to you, or consider that their $25 ride only pays you $12.

If you arrive at the Rideshare pick up and the pax is more than 5 minutes late. Cancel and collect your fee. Uber almost always gets you 1 immediate rematch attempt.

Only time I ever paid to get out was the first day of the change because things were so crazy nd I was literally stuck ( after that I would pick my people up in the back as the line was exiting until things improved)… First of all… Either company will reimburse you for any charges you incurred varifiable during pick up… But secondly … I’m not waiting 30mins for anybody… And lastly I completely believe all the signs posted say 15mins sooooo I wouldn’t buck their rule and expect it to matter you are going to waste more time trying to fight it and prove them wrong (and still have to pay) than to just work by the 15min rule of thumb.

you missed the sticker that says only the first 15 mins free that’s right next to where you get your ticket​:thinking:but you stayed and waited​:thinking: now you’re mad?:thinking:

Cancel after the option to select no show appears. If they call and ask for a few minutes then that’s a different story. At least with Lyft you will get the full $6.00 no show fee. Uber only pays $3.75 which is just ridiculous but, you may get a rematch.

Unless your trip notified you that it was a 60+ minute ride, there is no reason to wait longer than 5 minutes for anyone.

And as of 2002, it’s always only been 15 minutes for free.

Paying $3.00 to take a $10 ride AND then deadhead back to the RAA is…

I’ve said too much.

So now where is this person that’s putting up false information and haven’t responded to anything??? Yea y’all waste ya time sending in them receipts.

If you’re waiting 30 mins to pick up a PAX you deserve to be paying more than $3 for stupidity. This has NOTHING to do with the airport. 15 vs 30 mins isn’t relevant when the app itself says “Eligible for cancellation fee” after 3 mins. I just hope that going forward you learned a lesson. Regardless of where the pick up is, if the PAX can’t resort your time they’ll pay a No Show Fee.

Stop saying that I was directed wrong by a worker there so we are all still learning how to do the airport thing so teach instead of criticize…Each one teach one!

Sorry for the miss info. I currently work at the airport and the alotted time is only 15 minute without being charged. For the most part I always call the pax to make sure which color they are standing next to and if they are outside waiting on me instead of me waiting on them. Just Fyi be safe everyone