Waiters/waitresses/bartenders not tipping

Someone needs to make a video(which I hope goes viral) shaming waiters/waitresses/bartenders etc for being in a service industry where tipping is almost mandatory yet when they take an Uber ride back home they dont even tip the driver ONE DOLLAR! considering the driver purchased a Charger / Water / Car wash & Vacuum / Air fresher / gum and much more all to give you a good service. Makes me sick how hypocritical these people are.

The key word is “almost” it’s not mandatory. It’s like saying we “almost” won the Superbowl. You didn’t win the Superbowl, and they don’t have to tip it’s a choice, not an expected right steps off soapbox

Waiters/ waitresses wait on you, serve you. I just pull up and drop off. If your doing all that extra BS expecting a tip, that’s on you.

Servers make less than minimum wage, thus rely on tips. You don’t!!!

actually Bob…when you factor in costs of operation…ummmm…hate to break this to you, but there’s no other way than straight up…we make less than minimum wage.

here’s what I’ve learned about tipping and tippers - while driving in LA. The poorer the neighborhood, the higher the probability of getting a tip. Worst spot for tipping - college campuses and the West Side in general. Uber’s long standing “no-tip” culture has not helped either.

As a server AND a driver, they are two incredibly different jobs. Servers and bartenders get $0 paychecks. They live off their tips, and NOTHING for hourly because it all goes to taxes. I can drive on a Friday night and not get tipped once and still make money on fares. It’s not the same system so don’t act like it is. Yes, it’s kind to tip. But a tip in the driving industry really is just a thank you. A tip in the food and beverage service industry is that person’s whole paycheck.

If you want to work for tips be a server. If you don’t expect tips you will be better off. Do people tip bus drivers, cooks, the stewards on airplanes. Most people don’t have money to hand out to people that they think are being paid properly. Appreciate what you get and understand not everyone will tip

I don’t offer gum, snacks, or water. I’m a driver, not a convenience store.

I picked up about 15 Uber drivers and they talked about this blah blah i made more money driving blah blah and only one tipped me.

Dude…I drove an Uber driver last and night and she didn’t tip. Watch out karma.

As a server n a driver I view them completely differently, although I did give a ride to a coworker before (coincidence) and she didn’t tip me and I did feel some type of way I mean besides being servers we associate outside of work :unamused: anyways as a server if your bill is 100 and you don’t tip me I lost $5. As an Uber driver if you pay $100 for a ride idc I know I’m definitely getting what I agreed to for miles/minutes and I’m not losing money(unless…pool) so if you tip or not idc I still get paid.

This pisses me off too! They know what it’s like to provide a service and be stiffed, SHAME SHAME

How the fuck are none of you getting tips from these people every time I get a waiter, cook, or waitress I get tips

And don’t forget to tip the register person at the convience store…the pizza shop when you get a slice of two for a take out and of course the unemployment clerk when your filing for benefits. Hell just throw that $$$ around like a Rideshare Boss!! You know your can afford it!!

Yea I only get tips from certain groups of people…older Mexicans, Koreans and Armenians (with some exceptions to the rule)

My dad on a side note tips all the uber drivers a 20 regardless of distance of trip.

My favorite spot to drive - East LA! Awesome people…generous hearts that appreciate hard work…and the best fish tacos on the planeta!