Vomit all over outside of my car

I don’t care what a pax says. if they throw up in your car, or on the outside of your car, or whatever, I would make them wait outside my car while they found another means of transportation. Think about it…the woman that threw up is now sitting in your car. It is not only a health issue but a safety issue.

They are not going to pay because you took another ride after the reported incident.
It’s part of their rules. Hopefully you will get a friendly CR that will make an exception
but I wouldn’t count on it.

sorry for the vomit, i had that on NYE, but i was prepared and my minivan has a built-in wet/dry vac…took me 15 mins to clean…made uber give me 30 for my troubles

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a debate going on about it. There was a trip directly after and the fee IS high for the mess. It might take longer for them to decide what to do with it.

Why would you pay to have the outside of the car cleaned specifically for puke? I had a female passenger puke out the window and all it took was a bottle of water some Windex, paper towels and air freshener (all in trunk) to clean it up.

In the light of this matter, we won’t be able to reimburse without a receipt. For future references, please do send us pictures as you did previously, but also make sure to hold on to any receipt related to any cleaning fee claim as we need it to charge the rider accordingly.

Yup… the rules are pretty clear… you cannot pick up other pax after a puking incident within an hour of it happening, otherwise any requests for reimbursed are forfeited.

I got that part. The question was why? It was on the outside of the car. It’s something you could have easily have done yourself and kept right on driving.

The only issue with any liquid mess left by a pax is when it’s inside the car. The moron who puked in our car also puked on the back of it after he got out, but I didn’t send a picture of that because it took about a minute to clean up and there’s no risk of permanent damage to the car.

The Uber rules are clear that you can’t take another passenger for at least an hour if you want reimbursement. That coupled with the fact that you’re asking for a ridiculous amount for something you could have done yourself for free and you’re really surprised you haven’t heard back from them?

You might want to spend some time on the boards to see what others have done in various situations. My first instinct is to spend as little money as possible so I work from there.

I wouldn’t necessarily stop driving nights just because of that unless you’re doing well enough doing only days. Just take time to think things through if you have another incident. I found this forum before we were approved to drive so I had already been reading about various things that have happened to drivers and had researched the reimbursement requirements.

New year’s eve… Its cold in the middle of the night, even if you’re in the south. Anyone that rolls down the window… You know you have to check something. If it was all on the outside, then a $10 gas station car wash should have taken care of it.