Very tired of going to pick people up with children that don't have car seats

I am a driver in Pennsylvania and I have to say I get crap from these passengers because I won’t take them yet they tell me that every other Uber driver besides me will. It is against the law!! Not just an Uber law Pennsylvania law. If you are a driver and you are taking these children without car seats you’re making it bad for everybody else and if you get in an accident and something happens to one of those children you will probably lose everything. Not to mention the fact that I’m irritated with not getting paid because I canceled the trip saying there’s no car seat. Uber should be reimbursing us for driving there when someone isn’t following the law. Rant over.

I am on hold with them as we speak. This about the 4th time this has happened to me. Uber needs to contact any passenger who is cancelled for not having a car seat and either charge them or deactivate them. The other week I cancelled someone for not having a seat, I was still on that block a few minutes later to pick up a different passenger and watched the same people I just cancelled get into another uber drivers car.

I actually got someone quickly and they claim we as drivers should be getting reimbursed. I told them not once have I been so I got the typical “we will have our specialist team look into it and email you”.

I’m a driver and a parent. I see it both ways. Whatever. I say, move on to the next… I’m in PA as well and ish happens… In an emergency you don’t have an effen car seat with you. Duh. They’re in ur car. If u had access to it, you wouldn’t need an Uber. lmao. Wth? If you don’t want to, don’t… The next driver will :woman_shrugging:t4:

as much as I agree with you, I’m just too worried that if something does happen, that’s an instant meal ticket for some asshole who I was just kind to.

I know my parents didn’t ride in car seats or even have seat belts, my brother didn’t ride in a car seat when he was my daughter’s age and if the laws were the same when I was a kid I probably would have been in one till 6th grade because I was skinny and oddly proportioned. Nope. Screw that. So with cars being safer, what’s one ride? But again… I’m torn because I don’t want to be someone’s McDonald’s hot coffee

cars may have airbags now but are not safer. Just today I saw a newer car involved in an accident with an older car. Guess which one could drive away. while mine are all teens now, we had an accident when they were in car seats. Those car seats saved little lives. Besides that is the fact that a pax can sue you, personally, if something happens. Same if you provide a car seat and something happens.

true. I don’t do it tho cus I’m not looking to be someone’s next Walmart slip n fall/McDonald’s hot coffee situation because you know they’ll take your moment of kindness and turn it around in a heartbeat like it never happened.

If there is an accident and a pax’s child was in your car without a proper booster seat…that $4.27 ride just fucked you for life.

Not worth it.

“Other drivers have done it for me” "The next driver will do it ".

Great. Awesome.

Those drivers get a gold star and a cookie.

I move on to the next pax that has it together.

I agree I will not take a child that ain’t in a car seat it’s against the law and dangerous… I also want let a parent leave a child in car with me while they run back in house or store etc either… These parents crazy today risking their childs life… Ive seen some stupid stuff out here… I would report it get your $3.75 I did and moved on to my next pax…

I just had that happen. Probably and 18 month old. The pax said, well the last person drove me here. I said I don’t care, it’s the law and it’s YOUR child’s safety.

Im also in PA. It’s not difficult. They can’t rate a cancellation. Just say what your not comfortable with. That it’s not just a safety issue or a personal decision but it’s a law and you could lose your job and then some. And you do get a cancellation fee. It happens to me a couple times a week.

you have to wait the 5 min and put rider isn’t there. That is the only way to get the fee. Let them call Uber and say you wouldn’t take them without a car seat. Then let Uber explain why you cancelled.

Just wait the 5 mins and then cancel. Works every time for me when I get this issue. Never drive a child without them providing the car seat.

I carry a booster seat with me. It solves this issue in most cases. $18 investment. Please don’t tell me how it is not your responsibility blah blah blah. I know this but if you want to solve a problem take care of it yourself. UBER IS NEVER GOING TO OVERCOMPENSATE YOU FOR DOING WHAT THEY CONTRACTED YOU TO DO! If you chose not to take a passenger that is your prerogative . Stop bitching and do something about it yourself. I could see UBER charging passengers for requesting cars equipped with car seats before they punish drivers for taking rides.

It would behoove you to think about the repercussions of providing for irresponsible parents. Get into an accident, God forbid, and their kid gets hurt in your car seat. Be ready to provide them with $$$ when they don’t think twice to sue you.