Unlimited Miles with Financing to own

Just received an email today saying Uber Nashville is Expanding to my City here in Clarksville and they will be in town tomorrow, I live 45 mins from Nashville. I think this would be a great opportunity for me, I know every road here where i live, but not sure if many people around here would actually ride Uber since there is also a bus transit system

I loaded 16 tons and what do I get? Another day older and deeper in debt. St Peter don’t you call cause I can’t go…I owe my soul to the company store.
Don’t do it, brother! Wouldn’t recommend driving a car for Uber that you owe on - especially if it’s an Uber program lease to own.

if you like making less money than the car payment, then go fo it. if you want to make money, it wont be driving a car for uber. $4 an hour, expect that. can you live on $4 an hour and pay the payment on that car? I doubt it. Dont do it, Dont do it! youll be turning that car in very soon after getting it. REPO!

OMG lease to own, horrible. youll be owning a car with 250k miles on that is 2 years old. And youll need a second job to pay rent and the rest of that car payment! UGG, say NO. $4 an hour!

Leases have mileage limits and there typically is NO WAY to drive enough to make the payments hand have enough left over for it to be worthwhile without exceeding the limits.

what about using a Rental Car to drive for Uber? I was just reading that Uber and Lyft Partnered together. It may be the same way with Hertz too.

With Lyft you get tips & driver incentive’s but there’s still a lot of variables to overcome & being your a new driver, the odds are stacked against you. Not to mention Lyft doesn’t have the customer base that Uber has.

Why Does Uber advertise this stuff if they know no one can work for them, I chatted with someone on the Uber Website, and they told me i would make enough to pay the car payments as long as i got in 30hrs a week

Because it’s a win-win for them both. Car dealership gets $xx,000 for the car.
Uber gets another slave on the road. Only one getting screwed in the interim is you.

The fact that they say you’ll make enough to pay you car payment if you put in 30 hours tells you they’re full of crap. You’re not an employee - not getting a salary. I’ve had days where I’ve been online for 10 hours straight and netted $20.

You’d do better to lease a cab, especially in a touristy city like Nashville. Pay the lease by the day or week, quit leasing if you get a better gig or decide to quit.
Signing a long term lease with a company that is reducing rates, I don’t see it as a brilliant idea.

And some leases, like thru Breeze (600 miles maximum weekly), only available in some cities, are not rent to own. Is Uber Xchange rent to OWN? What about BAMA?

I completely agree if you need car AND want to drive try driving for a cab company better $ better all around cuz with cab you can walk away at ANYTIME

If it’s your only way to get a new car. I’ve owned a few cars, a few new ones in my lifetime, and a Lease usually means you can only drive so many miles on a leased car.

Every mile over your agreement can result in fines for exceeding the mileage agreement, and driving for a living you’re going to zoom right over those Lease miles quickly into penalty land. Because “the more you drive the more money you make”

When I leased my car through Santander for Uber, the agreement said you could only drive 40,000 miles a year. That seems like plenty for combined personal + Uber, as I got to around 33,000 in 10 months.

I would never recommend driving Uber with a car payment or in a car you actually need. Dave Ramsey is in Nashville, learn his babysteps 1-3.

It sounds as a fairy tail. Very advantageous!