Unity works to control prices

Y’all see how Unity works to control prices with this snow storm.

Now if we could all just :100: unite to no pools there would be no more UberPool or LyftLine…

But y’all still willing to accept settling 2 passengers 30min driving $4.50 fare.

Uberpool and Lyft lines creates “slow days” …

4 customers can be in 1 car.

This creates situations where 3 cars are sitting around waiting for up to an hour without getting a ping for a customer.

I don’t care. I’m getting my money regardless. Can’t complain about a slow day if you’re rejecting rides.

I don’t care about everybody else, I’m worried about myself. no sense in waiting for a ping, spending 10-15min to go pick a person up, wait 5min for them to get in the car, drive to their destination for 10-15min and sit and wait for another ping to repeat the process. You’re averaging 1-2 rides per hour. On the pool you’re continuously getting paid for every pax you pick up. I easily make just as much on pools as I do on an airport ride. So please, keep rejecting them. I’ll take them. And if there’s a quest going on, it’s a lot easier to reach the goal and collect your bonus

why would you pick up 3 to 4 people and only get paid for 1. uber and lyft making money not you. and it doesnt create slie days it creates good days for uber. so enjoy your pool money.im not giving no one a discount because my bills don’t discount me. enjoy

Here’s what you don’t understand. The money you are getting cheated on by taking pools easily make up for the bullshit quest that they give you. I make more not accepting pool rides than you do when you accept them and meet your quest and I spend less in fuel because I’m not stopping like a Marta bus. All money is not good money.

Sweetie, you can have all my pools. I have other income coming in, so i’m in a position to decline them ALL whenever I decide to turn on the app. My point, I am not running my dayum car to the ground taking someone or several people across town on a dayum pool. Uber X rates are already low as hell. I can’t entertain dumb shit no more in life!!

If these drivers out here wanna ride around and take pool rides all day long for a $30 or $45 Quest, let them knock themselves out! When you have options in life to do better, you are more selective in things you DO and things you will NOT DO!

I don’t have a problem with Pool/Line neither, as long as I aint accepting them in the city. I work in the area where I live, Sandy Springs/Roswell/Alpharetta, etc and pool/line is totally different out here. One customer may be the only one in the car 98% of the time…

Reading is fundamental and clearly you didn’t read your own statement. You said pool/line is different outside the city and my response to your statement was how was it different.
The Atlanta market is the same, whether it’s Roswell, Newnan or Decatur. Athens is a different market and has different pricing for fares.
So if I’m reading your original statement correctly, you’re giving pool rides that are unmatched 98% of the time. So that means you’re getting paid less per mile and per minute than if that same side had been an UberX. You settle for a $40 ride when it could be a $50-60 ride. If you turn down a pool, it can easily turn into a UberX and in turn you make MORE money. :money_mouth_face:
Ladies no one is mad about folks taking pools, I just assumed y’all didn’t bother to do the math to know the difference. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I care about people…some of us don’t have that type of heart though but get upset when the rich and well off people look down on them and dont want to help them. There are plenty of times I picked up young employed teens, waiting for 15 to 20 mins…I knew why they were waiting…And some people cant afford the extra $5 to $6 everyday when they are barely making minimum wages, but they still have to get to work…I look at things like that and speak with people…

I wasn’t aware that we were uniting against pool/line. Sometimes I mind them, sometimes I don’t. Had my first service dog pax and that was interesting. However, I think folk with service animals need to stick with whatever they were doing before Uber and Lyft came along.

I don’t do Pool/Line rides based on principle. I will not allow a company to take advantage of me while climbing their way to the top financially. You made $14 taking four people to four separate places. Meanwhile Uber/Lyft made $80. Does that sound fair?

I don’t want to hear “I do it to help people.” Those same people have been getting around just fine before Pool and Line existed. Whether it be by bus, train, or just paying regular X and Lyft prices.

You really need to learn to value yourselves or no one else will. Hence the reason why Pool/Line exists in the first place. They know that there are plenty of people they can take advantage of on a daily basis while making billions off of their labor and resources.

Why do you all seem to think pools/lines pay the same as regular rides?! THEY DON’T. The only folks that benefit from pools are the riders and the platform. YOU take home less for each ride…Less per mile AND less per minute. Why? Because not only is the platform charging the customer less but they also take a booking fee from each pax you pick up. So you get $0.50 for each pickup and the platform makes $2-4 in booking fees per passenger that you pick up.

Y’all keep finding ways to cut Uber / lyfts profit and we will see the outcome of that.

Would you exchange boost, quests, power bonus, and power drive for no pool/line rides?

You just reminded me I wanted to look at a line ride which was a total of 3 people which lasted 38 minutes and 12 miles resulting in $11.16. That’s not a lot of money for the time spent. I have both apps on and get more Uber then Lyft. Not sure how much time I’m going to put into Lyft. Took 2 days to make $50

Y’all really out here mad about what people choose to do with THEIR car. I don’t exactly consider going a couple min off my path as a big enough inconvenience to cry about, especially since I’m still getting paid. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. But why be mad about those who do??? Some people work a lot harder at their regular jobs for less money :woman_shrugging:t5:

And let’s not start the “they’re taking advantage of you thing.” They’re making billions anyway (were doing so before pools and lines even came along).

Because every time you put an additional pool rider in your car it takes one rider away from another driver. How do you not understand that? You will understand when you sitting there wondering why YOU can’t even get a pool ride and it’s gonna be because they are funneling all the riders into one damn car.

see in the summer, when u are literally in the car for 1hour waiting for a rider . And it’s NOT because u r rejecting Uberpool, it’s because u haven’t received a ping at all. And Uberpool is still Active, so for the drivers accepting Uberpool. 4 customers in 1 Car , 3 cars without a customer.

College season is busy. The summer is dead when college is out. May-September is slow. That’s 5months. You’ll see more how Uberpool is detrimental.

t’s like a losing battle, folks are highly desperate and will settle for any little piece of change. How can one Not understand how the whole fucking concept hurts drivers. Smh…