UberXL or Uber Select? Which one should I driver tonight?

(Abel) #1

Ugh… can’t decide which one I want to drive tonight… UberSelect or UberXL… I wish uber would give me select on my xl, they said they won’t since it’s a minivan even though it’s more expensive and nicer than my Jeep… might take the select out for the first half until about 8ish then switch to the XL for the rest of the night… opinions??

The Pacifica on the (pictured right) is the XL, the Jeep is the select

(Bick Bhangoo) #2

I think XL will be higher in demand. People will only be choosing select to save $ on X.

(Abel) #3

Ya, I was thinking if I drove the select earlier in the night, some people want to be fancy and go to the parties in style, then around 8ish switch to xl for the group of people going on finished by xl throughout the night.

(Bick Bhangoo) #4

I mean if you’re close enough downtown then it should work, otherwise, you’ll be wasting time and $ driving back to change cars.

(Abel) #5

I’m about 15-20 mins from downtown which in Texas is like right around the corner lol I’m actually going to try and stay away from the downtown area if I can… I know I’ll get dragged down there eventually, but San Antonio is 35+ miles wide so plenty of around the city rides will be available.

(Jonathan Green) #6

You do select for the first part of the night and then switch around midnight. Everyone tries to act like they’re balling on the way out. When they’re coming home, they are just drunk and want to get home.

(Eric Moore) #7

I’ve been busy on XL since 6:30 am this morning. Only one select ride, short downtown trip.

(Jose Hernandez) #8

My friend who is a total jackass when it comes to cars. Gidbutvtook me a little over a year to convince home to drive for Uber. When he finally signed up. He uses the leasing program. I can still hear his beaching now. What if I don’t make money? How am I going to make the payments? I’m telling you. What an ass. His 10-2015, first day driving for Uber. He made $170 in four hours. His payments are $130 per week. Well, getting back to you. He got a 2015 Prius C. 18 months later he buys a brand new Prius wagon, it’s there largest Prius. Full cash. So if this butt wipes if a friend. Who’s massively anal about everything Prius. They to buy with full cash a Prius wagon. You know it’s a standout car.
One point.
He would fill up. Drive from San Diego to LA. Do his ubering. Drive back to San Diego. Call me and laugh at me because he did this all on “1” take of gas. He calls my Kia Soul 1.5 liter base model a “Gas Guzzler.” So with said. You can not go wrong on a Prius. The Prius C is a tiny compared to what Toyota calls a Prius wagon. If you want to save money. Just buy late years model.

(Andrew Martin) #9

I can do 25 to 30k a year driving parttime as UBERSelect and Lyft premium … You guys better learn your markets and demographics … I drove the brakes off my X3 BMW for 3 months… then I got smart… Now I have an X5 and X3 … UberSelect and Lyft Premium Only unless major Surge is active… Plus I also
build my car business at the same time… picking up the clientele that like Exotic and Luxury vehicles

(Peter Dave) #10

Well, it was a struggle and not pretty… but I made it to $525 last night. It so dead between 5:30 pm and 11:30 pm last night it wasn’t even funny… then all hell broke loose into the early morning hours… 95% of the time I was only on UberXL setting, $385 uber, $20 lyft, $120 cash… no cleanup or cancellation fees…

All I have to say it was a shit show last night and it was no better than any given Saturday night. It was “chilly” down here in Texas, and not much movement, traffic on the roads were minimal except downtown