UberX luggage space is not for 12 full size suitcases!

UberX luggage space is not a magical place! I am at International Airport, this lady ordered a Uber X, she has 5 people riding plus 12 full size luggage suitcases and 4 small luggage suitcases, really Uber X, two Uber XL vehicles would not be enough for her…

Cheap MF they see the S**t says 1-4 passenger and when you get there they wanna play stupid oh I didn’t see the other option.

I have a Kia Sedona same size as a Chrysler minivan maybe even possibly slightly bigger and I couldn’t get that shit in, if I think it’s not gonna fit which I almost had to do this weekend, I say sorry no room at the inn you must order a bigger or second vehicle.

She ordered two Uber vehicles.

Probably an XL for her luggage and one for her, I’ve seen some massive packing some people decide to take their house with them n shit seriously, I only work the airport cause it’s close to me, but I usually work late nights, so those are early flights but talk about packing 200 lbs of shit into a 5 lb bag.

I had four guys order an X, and they had four sets of golf clubs also- fortunately I have an XL, so they all fit…barely. Texted Uber and they charged them XL rate.

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This dumbfounds me. I transport military to the airport all the time, and they’ll order XL to make sure we have space for all their gear. Even though I could fit a ton in my focus before it was totaled.

What’s your experience if a passenger scratches your car with their luggage and you submit a claim to Uber.

UBER don’t care about any of that, that’s situations we have to handle. If anything you load the luggage and take more care of your car. I promise you UBER not going to compensate nothing about scratches…

Yeah, they do… but you won/t know until you submit… get an estimate and send with pics.

You want the estimate to be $249 and not any higher. Any higher than you will be subject to the $2,000 deductible. So if they quote $1,000, then you walk away empty handed.

Sent two estimates one as high as $ 680 and other for $279. They approved and paid out $250.00 inconvenience fee within 3O minutes of sending estimates.

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Passengers should have to state how many passengers and luggage. Smaller cars can barely handle two people and luggage.

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What’s quite amazing is that riders believe that Uber does an intelligent job of matching the right car to the job. Maybe you’ve had this same chat with riders about past rides, in which they expected, “Since we’re going to the airport, you should know you need room for luggage”, only to have me reveal for the first time the mystery of, “We have no idea where you’re going; Uber doesn’t want us to know.”

Yesterday was the first day that I stopped helping pax load their luggage into my trunk when I pick up from the airport. The second pickup was the worst ever. I played it cool like I normally do, and they tipped me anyway. I felt bad. I’m going to continue to do what I do and if they want to tip I have a card reader, and I carry change for $20.00.

Be safe and stay healthy!

Isn’t it a just common courtesy to help with luggage? Like, even if you’re not working?

Courtesy is not common anymore, and I’m not sure what you mean by “even if you’re not working.” I helped because that’s how I was raised up. Now that I’m in the service industry I do expect people to act accordingly and I understand that not everyone will. I’m going to continue to help with the luggage.

I had a passenger request a Lyft line at the airport. She had five oversized luggage and a huge backpack. Had to put one of the pieces of luggage on the back seat. So I asked her where did she think other passengers were going to sit. Then she dared to put her foot on my armrest between the driver and passenger seat. If you know me you know the look that was on my face when I looked her dead in her face and said GET YOUR FOOT DOWN!!!

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Let me ask you all this question regarding this issue, what would have had happened if you were driving the small size Prius and the luggage wouldn’t fit mind the other passenger, how would this have worked out? Or does lyft and uber pick the drivers that drive the larger vehicles and force it on them?

I’m pretty sure the rider app advises passengers to request an UberXl if they have a lot of luggage. I had a pax call and asked if my vehicle could handle three riders plus three large bags. I was able to with no problem. I have a Toyota Rav4.