UberX is way too cheap in most markets

UberSelect here is $2.35 + $0.40, minimum $10. I tell the people you may like X prices but they are Peter Paid Paul with the money. It really doesn’t cover gas. I mean if X is smart to pull like immediately over after each trip and never take trips more than 5-7 mins away, than I think they can profit. I’m not even going to start with that can of worms.

With those rates i would be making $1,400 under 50 hours.

I only get $1.02/mile and i think $5 is minimum.

Too inconsistent for me. It’s great extra income(or if you’re in transition) if you’re smart and in a decent market or small city.
…otherwise, you become just like one of the many jaded and pissed off drivers on this board that think uber owes them something because they “chose” to press the “go online” button each day.

I also never understood why someone counts auto insurance as an expense to drive uber, Youre paying your car insurance regardless of doing uber or not so it has no bearing on your expenses.

Thats it, if you’re going to keep your car till the day you die then hey, depreciations not a factor, but if you might like to trade it in at some satge then you’re going to have to suck up those extra 100,000 km at some stage.

This is proof people do not know how to be an Independent Contractor or a business owner. If you have a business, there will be expenses. Your math means you are better off as W2 employee. Of course, I find it harder to profit or worth my time to UberX. Therefore I don’t UberX usually. During surges I may switch options down to X. Or if I’m driving around doing things on Wed or Thurs. This can be a very good paid training to teach many how to be their own business.

Be your own boss. Save your money and invest in yourself. Uber is a business model. Find a business model that works for you. If you like setting your own hours and making your own decisions, then use Uber as paid training how to record and handle your finances. You can do your own work on filing for your business license and it is cheaper in money but still you pay with your time.

For people in the USA, I suggest a company to do it for you and then all you have to do is renew each year. Save all your gas receipts, food purchases while out driving or any of the expenses you incurred while running your business. You will write these off and not pay taxes on it. Companies like legal zoom (for a fee) can help you set up your business (while Ubering for now just your name no need for a DBA) & etc. I am not getting paid, so start with that and search the rest.

Don’t listen to these people who are at the end of the road. These dead end people seek happiness in your misery. Hence why they only want to put people down, never a word of resolve or good advice how to make $$$$$

I’ve been self employed most of my life. I have had small businesses even as a child. Business Owner is the best title. It allows you more time and wealth and it is great for country as well.

Either way nothing with Uber is substantiable long term. Either they will change fare structure, saturate market with new drivers or just a slow week here and there. I’m in the DC market and can make 1k+ putting in 55 hrs a week not working all crazy late/early hours. 55 hrs a week, week in week out is tough. And I wouldn’t exactly consider 55 hrs a week part time?

So you’re going to do UberXL? I’d contact Uber and see which vehicles qualify for UberXL and I think it is Uber Black, or is it Uber SUV? Get the years and models also. That’s so exciting makes me want to go drive right now lol

Never in my life has it cost $500 anything to drive my car 1, 000 miles. My car is $45 premium to fill up and gets 350-420 miles. It costs a Benjamin & a Jackson to drive 1k miles.

Ask them if they have XL and Black combined? Then you can get that vehicle if you like it personally and it is affordable and then you can accept all requests. Some vehicles are SUV’S but considered luxurious enough to pick up Uber Select and maybe Black. I don’t think they have Select up there, so just ask about XL & Black combined