UberX drivers in driver saturated markets are simply math fools

Even if you do drive at 75 cents a mile you aren’t making a damn thing. Drivers who think they are making anything are only kidding themselves. Surge is an entirely different story because it pays properly. But full time drivers know that surge is rare and short in saturated driver markets.

We are still going at it! It’s 602 pm and no cars available. All my rides are on 2.1 surges 9.60 minimum. I’m so glad we are working together without using words. Only one or two drivers are coming on for the 1.5 surge but they quickly realize what’s going on and then they sign off.

On many occasions I have been right in the middle of a ‘surge’ area and not had a single request. The Friday before Valentine’s day the heat map lit up like the 4th of July however, traffic was very light and my rider app showed cars available.

Then don’t pay any attention to the heat map, it’s probably manipulated or computer generated according to time periods that have been busy. You’re better off sitting in your living room, on line, and waiting for a ping.

It’s definitely happening here in Jersey. Uber’s stupid lower rates plan is beginning to backfire. Surge is constant Now or like mentioned most drivers are signing off. It’s really pissing off the pax but sorry no way I’m working for non surge rates.

If you don’t drive you can’t make money! Surges are usually surrounding or in downtown areas, I’m guessing that 60% of potential riders will not pay the surge price and downtown if you get a surge ride it’s going to be a short one.

Most of the time, I only have to wait about 10-15 min before it surges to my liking(2.0) or higher. I’ve been driving since 9am today and every ride has been a surge price of at least 2.0.

Who in their right mind would go out on the streets at 4am to be guaranteed $10? What a shitty system. Anyone smart is not driving dead miles looking for business.

Same thing here in Phoenix. I haven’t see a “No UberX available” in my area for the past 6 momth. Now it’s every day, morning and evening. Maybe there is hope. I refuse to drive unless it surges and I do Lyft, I even take distant pings just to stick it to Uber.

Well maybe they are trying to manipulate the surge by turning there apps off and wait til it surge.