Uber's London Safety Policy For Drivers And Passengers


(Harry) #1

One of the main issues that Uber focuses on is driver and passenger safety. This means that both driver and passenger's information must be secure and anonymous. There are a number of ways that the Uber app and Uber data management team support these issues. They come in light of bad experiences that Uber had in the past years when driver and passenger information was hacked in the US. Based on these experiences and general IT practice, Uber has taken a lot of lessons in creating a more comprehensive cyber secure approach to managing the information sent to and from their app and site.

Here are some of the security features that are in place:

  1. No more anonymous Pickups
    Drivers get to see who requests a ride, and riders must have an active account with Uber to be able to request a ride.

  2. Contact Information
    Both the driver and the customer's contact information are private. Uber substitutes the mobile number of both so that neither knows the private contact details of either.

  3. In-App Navigation
    One of the ways Uber secures their passengers and drivers from violence or criminal activity is through a GPS map that not only provides a complete set of directions to get from the pickup point to the destination point. It tracks the location of the car so if any issue series that require an immediate and urgent response, Uber knows where you are and can send the Police, Ambulance or Fire services to your aid. This service is especially useful when dealing with complaints after the fact.

  4. Sharing your Trip
    Drivers can also choose the app "Share my trip" option that sends the location of the vehicle to friends and family as it occurs. This is especially useful for late night and early morning schedules.

  5. Payment in Credit
    Uber secures the payment process; no trip can be requested without an approved and valid means of payment. This ensures that the driver gets paid for their services. Tips are a personal issue and are left to the passenger's discretion.

  6. 24/7 Support
    Drivers have access to Uber support around the clock and will provide a rapid response in case of emergencies. Uber has a quick response team that specializes in securing rider and driver safety.

  7. Local Law Enforcement
    Uber has special relations with all law enforcement agencies and provides immediate support and information upon request.

(Andrew Martin) #2

Hi, is the London safety valid for all of the UK? or is it only a London policy?