Uber's Greenlight Hubs--More Help for Uber Drivers with Critical Response Line

Uber Help Hubs

Once, Uber was a hard company to reach, but ever since the major changes in its management and the introduction of the "180 days of change", things have become much easier for drivers. Including contacting Uber. There are a many ways to contact Uber, and we will discuss them all here as well as present the Uber Hub in particular.

What are Greenlight Hubs

Greenlight Hubs are service centers situated in ground-floor office space and open for all Uber drivers and applicants seeking help on any number of issues. Most cities have a Hub, but to be sure, check the help.uber.com site:

  1. Select "for partners."
  2. Press "select a city."
  3. Enter your city
  4. Scroll down to "contact Uber."
  5. The address of the greenlight hub will appear


  1. Search for "Greenlight" in the search bar
  2. Choose the relevant page of information from the list

What Services are offered in the Hub

  • New driver application requests
  • Driver questions about their accounts and status

Uber Greenlight Hubs are a great way to get in contact with a live person for a real response. However, if you are just trying to find out general information, try reading the help.ber.com pages first.

There are other ways to contact Uber; some are more successful than others, here are the nine ways to contact Uber, these are:

  1. In-app support
  2. Website help pages
  3. Uber movement and local partner websites
  4. E-mail
  5. Office hours
  6. 24-hour telephone support
  7. Critical Safety response line
  8. Help for uber passenger
  9. Social media

In-App Support

For any questions that are not answered by Uber's support website, you should use their in-app support, and it works. You will get an answer usually within one hour of posting it. Uber does a lot of upgrading to its app, and the support section has been updated many times, offering constant improvements. The in-app offers talkback to customers and direct calling for drivers, and there is so much more there.

However, before you start to drown Uber with online questions, you should first goto their help site and check to see if the issue you are facing hasn't been asked about before. You will be able to resolve many issues by going to the Uber help site; help.uber.com which has some amazing features similar to those offered in the support app.

Website Help pages

Uber uses help.uber.com which is a comprehensive site and lists many help issues. The reason it's so successful is that it is peer-reviewed and as such, the content entering is high quality and correct. Another cool feature of this page is that it is user biased, which means it will look up your account and offer you account relevant help, which allows you to decide if you need a popular topic with answers relevant to your city or a general request.

It's very important to note that the help.uber.com site is now so comprehensive the changes are you will find all your answers here.

Uber movement and local partner websites

If you prefer to focus only on your region issues, then Ubermovement.com is a wonderful starting point for a lot of useful information. For instance, amongst the city focused information you will receive what products Uber supplies in your area, the driver perks they offer too. They also include information about the airport and the hotspots where you could find many ride opportunities.

While Ubermovement.com is comprehensive, sometimes it won't cover your city, so this is when you will search for a partner website. Finding such sites can be harder since they are not as popular. These sites tend to offer Uber support e-mail addresses, local office hours and a list of vars that can be used for UberPlus/Select, etc.


For quite a while now, Uber doesn't promote drivers e-mailing directly, since they have invested heavily in the support app and help pages. So contacting Iber via support@uber.com is not recommended. If, however, you do e-mail them, here are some tips:

  1. If you want the same responder, then reply to the email sent, don't send a new e-mail, or you will get a new responder.
  2. Don't ask too many questions, keep it simple, concise and preferably one question.

Local Office Hours

Most drivers don't need to go to the local Uber offices, but for those that have, they are usually surprised by the nice experience. All you need to do is check out where the office is, what are the opening hours, and just drop by.

Social Media

Social media is one of the least effective ways to contact Uber. Sure, you can go online to their Facebook account or even LinkedIn account and even try Twitter, but don't expect to get a reply anytime soon if at all. Social Media is more of a marketing tool than a customer service or employee service tool. Although, having stated this, Uber has invested heavily in supporting their Facebook messenger application, so if you want to get good support answers you can use this way.

Uber Critical Safety Response Line: 800-353-8237

You should remember this line and use it anytime you get into an accident when driving for Uber.

The above number is Users' s emergency line, like 911, you do not want to waste a non-emergency call on this line. Not only is it unethical it won't elicit a response and just be a waste of time for both sides.

Uber 24 hour Phone Support

24-hour phone support is part of a pilot program called 180 days of change and is only available to Uber drivers. The 24/7 phone support is available in the app and connects drivers with a live support agent in under 2 minutes.