Ubers GPS screwed up?

(Jonathan Green) #1

So let me get this straight. You pick up a rider. He put the correct drop off point in the app. Ubers GPS takes you to the wrong location 30 minutes the wrong direction and I my fare gets lowered? How is it my fault their GPS screwed up? I had this guy in my car for over and hour and went 50 miles and lost out on 5.9 surge anf only get paid for 9 miles?? Seriously need to fix their GPS app

(Peter Stevenson) #2

I had a ride Sunday that showed they were downtown in a field! When I called he cussed me out and said they were in Fsrragut! How was that my fault

(Harold Young) #3

Ohhh LORD I’D BE PISSED. Dont use their GPS anymore,use Google Maps

(Dennis Scott) #4

My fare was adjusted -$42… Smh and Uber even admitted they are having issues with the GPS and are working on it

(Jerry Hall) #5

On longer rides, I confirm with the rider, by asking ‘are you going to the Embarcadero?’ (For example), If they confirm it, and the GPS sends me south on 880, I know there’s a problem.
I’m not sure of all your specifics, but it helps to know for sure if you are going in the right direction.

(Timothy Clark) #6

Sad part is he had the right address in there right down to the city. But the GPS took me to the wrong city.

(Harris Frank) #7

Their GPS told me that I was going 7.3 miles last night and they only paid me 6.01 even though I followed the route the app gave me to a t. I argued with them but of course nothing happened because they are useless.

(Eric Moore) #8

What color is is a 5.9 so I can imagine in my head because I know it’ll never see it in my life.

(Jose Hernandez) #9

They adjusted my fare because of the route too and I told them that the guy requested me to stop at a liquor store on the way. Neither him or I knew where there was one but I found it and Uber adjusted? I emailed them and they rectified.

(Anderson Lee) #10

My city has sometimes 7.0, 9.0, even 13.0 and 17.0 in new year eve. I used to get a trip at 13.0 surge

(Kenneth Miller) #11

I started the trip and followed the GPS. He was going somewhere I have never been so I followed the GPS.

(Paul Garcia) #12

you are supposed to ask him where is the best route to go and if you are in Uber you should know the routes

(David Smith) #13

Uber needs to definitely change there GPS… I know the areas in my home town in Savannah Georgia and I go the way I know but at times they pronounce the streets way wrong.On the weekends some gates are closed at the Collages except for one entrance which I know this but if a driver is not familiar they go to the wrong area…

(Audrina Jameson) #14

Same thing happened to me. Uber GPS pointed me to an empty construction yard. I wouldn’t drop my passenger off there cus it didn’t look safe. I found the tight address and took her there. Uber only paid me for the original drop off

(Peter Dave) #15

Seriously? The GPS navigation is a tool to help you do your job. Must be used in conjunction with the other two important tools: your car and your brain. It sounds like the latter isn’t working well.

(Mitchel) #16

If it is a long distance I always check with the rider.
Sometimes riders get the wrong hotel of a hotel chain.
“Best Western”
“Ok, are driving 50 miles to your hotel???”

(Haris_McMan) #17

Love how they say nothing for the ride . I mean at what point to you speak up and say ummm where we going ?
Lol :joy: pax are sheep

(Amanda Halen) #18

sorry this happened! too bad the rider had no clue.

(Andrew Martin) #19

Don’t use Ubers mapping, it sucks. Switch to Google maps or Waze

(Kimberly Nelson) #20

I had a ride Sunday that showed they were downtown in a field! When I called he cussed me out and said they were in Fsrragut! How was that my fault