Uberpool ride with a cart full of groceries

Yesterday, while driving my small SUV with reasonable hatch space, on an Uber pool ride, I picked up a woman at Walmart who had two shopping carts overflowing with groceries. She had the largest amount of groceries ever packed into my car.

Once the hatch (trunk) area was full to the brim, there were still some items left. I was a little worried that should I get additional riders since it was a pool ride, there would not be room for them because her extra groceries had to be placed in the passenger area, on the floor.

One more passenger was added to the pool - he sat in the front passenger seat so no issue with him.

Like a good sport, I helped load and unload the huge quantity of groceries (I’d say around 600 dollars worth - at least - and I did 80% of the work) both at the pick-up and at her home. I unloaded the hatch, and she unloaded a few extra remaining groceries items onto the passenger area floor. I told her to make sure she got everything when she left the vehicle at her destination.

Well, she left ONE, repeat ONE six-pack of Snapple in the passenger area, I was 3 or so miles (on another trip) away when I discovered it. She never tipped me for all the extra labor - and shared the fare with the other passenger. I’m guessing she was charged 10 to 12 dollars for a 6-mile trip, a clean, late model, low mileage car (2015 Outlander Sport, 35K miles), friendly and experienced driver (4.86-89 rating), music, and extra labor - yet not even one dollar in gratuity. I was raised that doing that is slovenly, craven behavior, but then I’m 55 and remember when this country was still civilized, but I digress.

This morning I got a message from Uber saying the lady wants her six-pack of Snapple back - worth maybe 3 to 4 bucks. I respond to Uber that the item is hardly worth driving across town while taking up 40 plus minutes of my time (in a snowstorm no less!) and yes, I will return the danged six-pack of Snapple - but either the customer or Uber is going to pay me for doing so.

What do you think? Ugh…people.

I cancel pool rides if I get there and you have carts of groceries, or at the laundry Mart, the pool is about efficiency and saving money, both have to be a constant for it to make sense for the driver. I have canceled a lot of grocery store rider right in front of the pool rider; I won’t do it I don’t care. For this lady, in particular, I would take a picture of her grocery cart and forward it to Uber after I cancel the ride.

I once had a couple who were moving, and they ordered an Uber XL, I showed up at the pickup location, and they were waiting in front with their possessions a ton of stuff, when I realized that they were my riders, I said no way before they asked me to pop my trunk. Mind you my Toyota Highlander hybrid limited edition was only 21/2yrs old. I told them to call Uhaul or a moving company, took a picture of there stuff and on top of it no-showed them and left.

I wouldn’t pick a pool rider with all that groceries cuz it’s a waste of time. No tip from her after all that work means I didn’t see the Snapple, case closed.

These riders will take advantage of u if u let them, the moment I pull up and see all that load of groceries, I’ll cancel and click on too many luggage on the app.

This. 100%. If it’s an UberX, sure, load my trunk with groceries. No, I’m not helping you. You’re lucky if I get out to open the trunk. And I’m a 4.96, but also because I cancel this BS before it even happens.

Well, I try not to be hard on people. It works most of the time.

The thing about this case is that I am amazed that anyone would go through all the hassle of calling Uber for a 3 dollar item! A cellphone, a watch, your wallet or pocketbook - OK, but a six-pack of Snapple?

I wanted to call this lady and tell her to get a life…of course; I didn’t because I have been in customer service almost all my life and just can’t…

I also cannot image that Uber told her about the return fee because I am sure that would stop her dead in her tracks - maybe Uber charges them $25, and we get $15 or something like that???

@harris I used to be very nice to people, but later on, I figured being too NICE on this job is a crime and can put you in bad situations.

@Cody_Parker I only help seniors and disabled people with groceries and other things, but other people can kiss my black ass lol

I have rules. If you call or text or show impatience or attitude, cancel. If you have too many bags like this, cancel. I don’t do pools unless it’s 2x+. I never wait more than the allotted time. Never more than four pax. If you even try, I will cancel, 100%. Find another driver, even if you agree to switch to 4 pax. Never an open container, if you try I will cancel. I don’t put myself at risk of douches. It’s my #1 strategy every day. I won’t do pick ups in certain areas of Philly.

But more than anything else, I drive safely and efficiently. I give 0 pax a reason to grab the “oh shit” handles. I always welcome with a warm greeting and name exchange. And I drive unless they want to talk, I make them laugh.

Follow my tips. Your rating will go up. Some may call it cherry picking; I call it sound logic. I’m not going to pick someone up who I feel is already expecting more of me than I’m prepared to give. :man_shrugging:

I’m not doing your groceries or getting a 3 star because I didn’t. I’m not speeding to pick you up. I’m not putting an illegal amount of pax in my car. I’m not opening myself up to DUI accusations with an open container.

Do not do pick ups in Allegheny West. Lol. And Stop doing pools. Since I stopped doing pools unless it was a 2x or more, my rating has gone up from 4.91 to 4.96. Deadass.

@Haris_McMan I do the same. Meh, in the end, 4.85-88 or 4.96 - all paid the same. I also think it might have a lot to do with what areas of the City you are in.

CC has a lot of traffic, passengers get irritated and blame you. Bad neighborhoods can be a problem too. People in the Northeast seem to be the nicest from what I find, but I am rarely up there.

I am 92% "5s), 5% “4s”, no “3s”, 2% “2s” and 1% “1s.” For the life of me, I have no idea how or why I ever rate 2s or 1s!

I go for weeks with perfect 5s, and then I get a few 1s - I used to drive at night a lot too - not mostly early mornings.

Try the shore if you can. Wonderful people, good and consistent CASH tips, and you work 9P to 3A - that’s it.

I find that lately if the pools are at least 1.5 or so, I can do quite well with them. I try to avoid them during rush hour. Best time I find is 2 PM to 4 PM - have done some that grossed 45 to 50 bucks!

I’d say on any given day, 60% of my driving ends up being in CC. I’d be willing to guess that 80% of your 1s are pooling. As long as you’re not an overt asshole (easiest thing ever) drive safely and don’t get lost, that’s a 5 or 4 I feel.

You’re right. We’re all paid the same. Do you ask people to rate you? Anyone I conversate with, I ask them to rate me, and I tell them it helps me.

Do people not know what POOL is? It’s ignorant of her to pile your car so much that you can’t pick up others. Can you upgrade from POOL to UberX?

When I worked at Papa John’s a lady called and asked for a manager. Her delivery driver didn’t give her $0.25 change, and she was DEMANDING that he come back.
Manager: Did you tip?
Customer: No.
Manager: Then that’s his tip. slams phone

You and the other pax should have had a Snapple party!

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You can’t allow one person to take up all of the so-called luggage space. And I believe that it should be against the rules to order a pool ride for the airport or anything that has to do with opening the trunk I believe that if it’s going to be a pool ride, it should be someone that is getting in the car and getting out the car super quick.

And furthermore, if you were going to take her anyway after you see all those groceries, you should have stopped all new request and just took her home

I had a winner leave his wallet in my car. It fell between the seats, and I didn’t find it till clean out next day. After figuring out which ride it was. The guy agreed to meet at a bar downtown. Which are 40 miles from my house on the day I normally don’t drive on? He promised a finder fee if I brought it to him. So fine. Set up a time. 7 pm. I show up at said time. Not there. I call him no pick up. So I texted him. No response. So I’m downtown anyway now, so I start pickups. At ten he calls says he’ll be there in a few minutes. Fine I said I’ll make my way back there. It may take a bit. No problem he says he’ll be there to closing 3 am. 11:30 I call he didn’t answer. Okay, the bar is noisy. So I go to the bar. It has an open deck. I call a waiter over. Ask for douche. A bartender comes over and says he isn’t there yet. But he called, and I’m to leave the wallet with him. WTH fine he didn’t want to pay for my honesty. Fine, I hand the wallet overtake picture of the guy holding wallet. Sent pic to douche. Not even a thanks. So I reported found an item. Returned an item. Complete with details. The next day douche calls me up complaining his friend got fined $15 for the return of the wallet. I told him he should pay his friend. And that I drove 40 miles down on my off day the day I spend with my children. To be stood up by you twice in one night. Have a good night. Click. The gall some people have. The sad thing is I have picked him up enough times I know his gate code to his apartment. The next time I pick him up the conversation will not be as pleasant as it once was.

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